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Thread: The pilot of Robot Combat League is available online

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    By the looks of it it was just the drivers that got it, but right in the face with no protection of any kind! Good fights in both episode 3 & 4. They seem to be designed to break really easily. They were using 3 M5 bolts to hold on a piece of armour!

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    All to make a decent show. Spraying competitors with hydraulic fluid is pretty nasty though.

    I recognized Heather Knight as one of the competitors. She was one of the brains behind Syynlabs Rube Goldberg machine for the OK Go videoclip This too shall pass.

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    For any UK based folks who would like to see the full episodes rather than just the recaps on the SyFy site, they're on Youtube:

    Ep 2:
    Ep 3:
    Ep 4:

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    Sorry for the late post - I know that usually I post the next day, but I'm still recovering from hosting a major family gathering on Monday.

    Anyway, the new episode of RCL has aired, and the recap can be found here:

    For Canadian viewers, the full episode can be found here:

    Hopefully, it will appear on Youtube sometime soon for those in the UK.

    I have to say, though, this episode really had me wondering what the devil the producers were thinking. Here's how it played out:

    1. Challenge for the remaining contestants for the quarterfinals (I believe) where one gets a prize that will affect their next fight.

    2. The challenge winner has their fight (spectacular robot bisection #2 ensues).

    3. The fight is drawn out, with only a few minutes left in the episode.

    4. Quarterfinals fight #2 begins.

    5. Closing credits roll as punches are being thrown in the opening round of fight #2.

    6. Show ends before round 1 is even half over.

    Seriously - this show was doing so much did it end up falling into amateur night this badly? Really - did the editor and the producers suffer a mass stroke or something?

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    Robot Combat League is coming to the UK, Monday April 8th 8PM on SyFy

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    So, the new fights are up:

    Comments on the last episode - the fighters do seem to have gotten the hang of what they're doing now, so the fights are definitely better. That said, I was left with a bit of confusion about what would lead to a judge's decision - in the case of one fight, the opponent was completely immobilized, and it went to the judges.

    But, at least this episode was back to form, without any "What were the producers thinking?!" moments.

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    Well, I just finished watching the most recent episode here in Canada, and I have a rant...

    Okay, so we've finished up the quarter-finals, and we're getting ready for the semi-finals, and yet again, the producers decide to edit the episode in such a way that it runs the closing credits at the very beginning of the first semi-final fight. What the devil were they thinking?

    In all seriousness, have they never seen Robot Wars? This isn't rocket science - it's basic presentation, which Robot Wars got very, VERY right. The show may have been a game show instead of a tournament, but it was presented on air as a tournament. You had the opening heats, the semi-finals, and the finals. Each one got their own episode(s) in such a way that it felt as though you had picked up a ticket to a Robot Wars event, and you had seen the thing play out. It felt natural.

    This is the second time that Robot Combat League has tossed this out in favour of apparently filling up space with whatever they've got. So, you've got five minutes left in the show, and the host is talking about what's coming up in "tonight's battles." And then, of course, the closing credits roll. Why in heaven's name wasn't this put off until the next episode, when it would feel right? Or perhaps turned into an extended preview for the next episode? Both of those would have worked just fine.

    But instead, they pull this...again. Do they have any idea of how incompetent this sort of thing appears? It's frustrating because this show really does do a great job on just about every other level - and then it botches it on basic episode structure.

    Good grief.

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    Have been watching this 1st time I saw it I didn't realise the complex hydraulics involved. There is a huge pump for the hydraulic supply aswell , I wonder if we evolve into this like USA have ? How could we get to events with such heavy machines but I'm not sure if the roboteers build them it looks like 1 man builds them for everyone, he seems to remind me of Ian watts :-D

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