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Thread: 2013 Build Rules and Competition Regulations

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    Agm's are dangerous lol, that's why the weight went up
    Gonna squeeze predator to under 12kg then James?

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    Its already about 10kg finished!
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    looking good just add more weight to the disc

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    I stand corrected

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    Just read this thread - all seems ok to me..

    One thing i would like to see would be a mention of lipo's being inspected by tech checkers prior to the full technical inspections...

    Some people get pi$$y when asked to remove there lipo for inspection during tech check. Which i see fair with some teams, who i've have seen in previous years using there spare NiCad packs as a cradle during there tech check, or others who strap there lipo's to moving components within there robots, as by now the state of there packs could be questionable.

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