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Thread: Basement workshop

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    I'll probably forget to keep updating this but anyway here we go.

    Bought a new place in the summer and the best part is that there is a basement underneath which I am in the process of converting to a workshop. Total area is around 50m^2 however only around 10 to 15m^2 is actually usable as a workshop due to height restraints.

    Spent the last months putting up insulation so that the floor above would be nice and warm. Yesterday I got the lighting wired into the very old school electrics that the flat has (another future project to redo the wiring in the flat). And this evening I got the ceiling up in place.

    Just got to clear out the workshop area. Then I can dig out a few inches to a half foot to the top of the foundations of dirt before laying a nice solid concrete slab floor (notice the cement mixer). Then I can wire up some plugs in key points and get all my tools and bot stuff up from Edinburgh to Aberdeen.

    The remainder of the basement will be for storage and possibly a small grade 2 arena for bot testing

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    Quote Originally Posted by typhoon_driver
    possibly a small grade 2 arena for bot testing
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Update time. Had a busy 3 days in the basement hand digging out around 8 to 10 inches of dirt in preparation for placing the floor. You can see where the dirt used to be from the dark brick line at the bottom of the pictures.

    What the pictures don't show is the 6ft or so of vertical height that the dirt had be run up on ramps to the drive way before into the skip!

    Hoping to buy the materials when I get paid at the end of the month and get mixing. Fingers crossed I can work in it before the champs rolls along.

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    Gathering materials for the floor

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    Must have been fun getting that lot downstairs.

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    try not to smash it up when or if you convert it into a arena also like bodge job said try not to damage the foundations if you do it will collapse a lot faser than you think

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    Managed to finish the concrete floor off in two sections. Back breaking work but it looks a whole lot better for it! Going to paint it with some white industrial floor paint.

    Thinking about plastering the walls in the future as well to finish it all off nicely. Still got to fit a sump, the french drains around the side and wire up some sockets.

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    Cost and physically getting the cement into the basement. Not an easy route to move ready mixed concrete

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