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Thread: What next for Robot Wars & bringing it back

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    One of the things which really annoyed me about robot wars was the use of house robots. Being someone who sees robotic combat just as much as a sport than as a hobby, it was so irritating to see a house robot tear a chunk out of one opponent and hardly damage another. Even if it's by accident, I'd like house robots to be used just for whiteboards, though I know this is how it was for last year's champs.

    Also, just an idea for how to judge these fights. Instead of having a robot win for simply lasting, how about points are awarded for immobilizing opponents, and how they do this. Something like 0 points for entering a fight, 1 point for stacking an opponent or turning them over so they can't self-right, 2 points for an OOTA or pitting, 3 points for braking an opponent so they are completely unable to move (full immobolization) and 4 points for total annihilation (taking a wheel or two off, or ripping off a sizable body panel), and then take away the corresponding amount of points for robots losing in those ways. This encourages destruction and means even if a robot is pitted in a fight, it can still win. Oh, also, -5 points for not turning up to a battle.
    As an experiment, I tried this with the FW qualifiers with pretty good results. LS4 came first, LH3 joint second with Explosion, 720 fourth, Beauty 2 fifth, NST sixth and so on, so I think quite accurate to how good the machines are. Judges might have a hard time keeping up though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MudnuK View Post
    Judges might have a hard time keeping up though.
    Solvable by reviewing the fight on film though, if judges score-cards do not agree. Only required if the difference in opinion actually changes the outcome of the fight.

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    Return the Perimeter patrol zone to conquer OOTAs. also I'm thinking bungee cord.

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    I hate to get in the way of anyone's ideas, and I wish not to sound abrubt, but why try to fix something that isn't broken.

    I mean, all that an untrained eye wants to see is mass destruction with big spinny things and I think that from the number of people that were watching the fights at GSL, we are already in a good position with this. Even Roaming Robots (Robot Wars) and Robots Live are getting sell out shows on many events. What I think we need to do is make what we have already got more publicised to a wider audience (i.e having events, as they are, shown on TV). Also, I was just searching through Dave (tv channel) listings and the comments that people had made about Robot Wars. People loved the show as it was, and I think as long as there is carnage, they won't care about the scoring system etc.

    I also think that the main aim, in the short term, is to get HW spinners back up and running.

    Anyways, just putting that out there

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    I legitimately think that Robot Wars, in that format, had it's time. As much as I'd love to see it back, it's never going to be back to the style of Series 5-7 because there's just not going to be as many heavyweights about. What I would love to see, however, is Arenas of Destruction style 'makeshift' arenas - I know that's a logistical and health and safety nightmare, but it'd be rather cool to see robots fight in a disused factory, or in a scrapyard, or some obscure location to mix things up a tad, because I think that's why the viewing figures started to drop... each successive series (especially 5 onwards) was pretty much the same thing...

    I think the 'golden age' of Robot Wars was definitely series 2-4, when the innovations were really coming out but there were also loads of variations of the formula like the gauntlet, Sumo Basho, Pinball... that kind of thing. Likewise, the whole idea of TechnoGames is something I'd love to see come back alongside Robot Wars. It had a lot more personality back then as well, it wasn't all fake aggression and shouting all the time - Craig Charles' little 'stand up' bit at the start of each episode was absolutely great, and I do think that's something that was really missing from the later episodes.

    If it were to come back though, it'd need a major overhaul - I think the arena would need a complete redesign visually, the house robots would need improving (not to cause more unnecessary damage, rather to be as imposing as possible) and I think you'd need a massive structural change to the competition as a whole. Probably need a way of nerfing flippers a bit too, they were really popular later on as I'm sure you all know, and it wasn't as interesting to watch when a great number of robots had the same weapon. I'd love to see a new type of weapon 'invented' but I'm not sure what else can be done within the rules!

    I've just been doing a video about all this for Youtube as well, so if it seems like I've got a lot to say on that matter, that's probably why!

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    Personally, I would also like it to have house robots.

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    I agree, but it would need to get millions of viewers as the show was expensive to make.

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