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Thread: solar shed

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    Neat idea!

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    I have done something similar ar work jamie...Used a powersupply from one of our old gaming machines....I have 5v, 12v, 24, 36v and 44v. very handy in my line of work.

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    ok shed is up I've got the door nice and secure and the window tint up now

    I've gone for the led's from giant shark, 6 meters and I've tested 1 out and it puts out moor light than the energy saving bulb in the cupboard so they should light the shed nicely

    i retrieved the inverter from my dads and found out its 500w and i have also ordered a 500w fan heater to test out in the shed (was surprisingly warm in there today)

    i also have the charge controller now so all that required now is solar panels, battery's and some boarding for inside

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