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Thread: Zlayerz RPG: Identity Theft Redux!

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    With much thanks to Kody, I enter Revolver Ocelot to compete starting in the next chapter or however he see's fit to integrate him.


    Shape: A low box with a tapered front and an angled rear piece
    Colour: Black
    Weight: 100kg
    Speed: 12mph
    Armour: 7mm titanium
    Motors: 2 A28-400 Ampflows running on 24v
    Wheels: 4
    Length: 130cm
    Width: 75cm
    Height: 15cm
    Weapon: 15kg Hardox spinning bar, 2000rpm, should put out around 50kJ
    Weapon motor: LEM130 running on 36v
    Srimech: Invertible

    Specilization in Reliability.

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    That's just fine, Josh! I'll introduce Revolver Ocelot next chapter.
    Minor update:

    We have some mixed opinions here. Martijn is for going with my plan, Tracy, Jordan (and Joey) wish to barter with the Romans, and Lian wishes to attack. Liam has said nothing yet.

    However, now on the path from afar, there can be an entity made out, pulling a cart made out. He doesn't look particularly strong, but it is impossible to tell exactly what he is. He is heading away from the village and possibly towards the Roman camps. OR to another place, it is impossible to tell at this point.

    Wedginator (me) considers this a minor trouble and is still concerned with tailing the Romans. What about you guys?

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    I'm really sorry. I've been sidetracked by other things, and if I was being honest they are more worthwhile than this RPG. Don't worry, I will update this eventually when I have the time and mindset for it.

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    Well, I'm up for tailing the Romans, actually, said Bloody Frigid.

    What?! exclaimed No Consequences.

    We can always approach them later Joey, you silly, remarked Frigid, and besides, we can get even more info from them, potentially.

    Spoken like a true, chuckled Liar 2.

    I'm far from a ninja, laughed Frigid in return. Now let's tail those bÄstÄrds before they get away.

    And so the group stealthily tracked the Roman score of soldiers down the path into the forest. Such a forest provided good cover, but the heroes were hard put to keep silent and not arouse suspicion.

    What's that?! barked one of the decurions, and whipped about. Pyrrha had just managed to get behind a bush in time.

    I-I-I heard there are bandits in this forest as well... gulped one of the soldiers.

    By Jupiter! You call yourself a soldier?! Man up, will you?! yelled the decurion.


    The shout was the alarm that set hell loose. Two figures suddenly burst from bushes from the other side of the path and charged into the (tiny) Roman ranks. The soldiers yelled and tried to fight them off.

    What's this?!? burst Apocalypse II out loud. He was about to find out.

    The remaining decurion struck one of the two attackers dead-on with his axe. This attacker was the bigger one, and the axe blow did not do a single visible point of damage. Instead, it caused the robot to spin around, and bring ITS axe right back down on the decurion in return. There was a scream of pain as the top armour was completely bashed in, thinner than a pancake, and the side panelling fell off like nothing. The remaining soldiers then turned and fled with shrieks of fright.

    The bigger robot continued to pound the decurion's remains.

    Obelix, stop that, said the smaller figure, tossing the carcass of one of the other robots away. He's already knocked out.

    Aw, but Asterix, can't we bring them around to start again? complained Obelix.

    No, it's getting late, said Asterix. By Belenos, that's the third Roman attack in the last two days! They're sure getting jumpy!

    That's unfair, they're trying to invade our home, not the other way around! grumbled Obelix.

    Well, let them try! laughed Asterix. He looked to and fro for a second. Not even if they knew our secret would they gain much of a foothold on us.

    I do like more activity though, said Obelix. I needed a good fight.

    The two started to move off the direction the Romans were going.

    Good fights don't always start with the Romans, Obelix, replied Asterix. But I would just like to be left alone. I have never forgiven them for their ruthless conquering of our lands. Not to mention they guard us ceaselessly and it's getting rather annoying.

    You lead a boring lifestyle, Asterix, by Toutatis, grumbled Obelix.

    Boring, eh? Well we'll soon fix that. To the village! said Asterix.

    They were nearly out of sight.

    Secret? breathed All Bar Some.

    That's interesting. Now what? whispered Pyrrha.

    Comrades? What shall we do? said Wedginator.



    Wedginator X - 100%
    Liar 2 - 100%
    Bloody Frigid - 100%
    No Consequences - 100%
    Pyrrha - 100%
    Apocalypse II - 100%
    All Bar Some - 100%


    Asterix and Obelix! You saw it coming. :P Here are their stats, as before. (I edited Obelix's a bit, since they weren't that detailed. If they seem unrealistic, remember that this is an RPG, and Obelix Bulguous is retired now :P)


    Asterix Anarchius
    Shape: Sort of a box wedge with inverted wedge at rear, but you can take a look at the render up above if you want a better look.
    Colour: See the render.
    Weight: 118kg
    Speed: 35mph
    Armour: 3.2mm Hardox wedge, 5mm titanium/vanadium alloyed sides and rear, 5mm polycarbonate top and bottom.
    Drive: 2 LEM200s @ 60v
    Power: 23 A123 Li-Ion packs
    Motivation: 4 giant aluminium hubs with a thick layer of polyurethane rubber coated on.
    Ground Clearance: Dead zero at front, 1.5cm at the sides, and 3cm at the rear.
    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 124 x 90 x 38
    Weaponry: Asterix is the weapon. It rams opponents with the sheer power delivered. It has a nice row of curved titanium spikes at the front to aid in getting under robots. If Asterix is inverted it can use the inverted wedge (similar to Dantomkia's) to keep ramming. :O
    Srimech: Invertible, but can get stacked on sides.
    Strengths: Damn powerful, damn fast, tough front armour.
    Weaknesses: Weak top and bottom armour, can get stacked on sides, no active weaponry.


    Obelix Bulguous

    Shape: Same as Asterix's but bigger.
    Colour: Dark blue-ish with orange speckles
    Weight: 225kg
    Drive: 2 LEM200s @ 60v
    Power: 23 A123 Li-Ion packs
    Motivation: 4 giant aluminium hubs with a thick layer of polyurethane rubber coated on.
    Speed: 12mph
    Armour: 10mm Ti/V alloy.
    Ground Clearance: 0mm at the front, 25mm everywhere else
    Dimensions in CM (LxWxH): 180 x 125 x 52
    Weapons: A high pressure hammer like The Judge's. The axe head is shaped like a menhir, and the whole thing is crafted from Hardox 750. Run off 3 5kg CO2 tanks and 3 good-size pneumatic rams at once, it can strike with over 10kJs of force. Not a weapon to mess with.
    Srimech: Hammer.
    Weak points: Poor maneouverability, slow, hammer can only hit a few times under normal circumstances.


    What will you do?

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    Loot the bodies! Follow Asterix!

    Ok, really, I mostly want to loot. After that I'm cool for whatever. ;D

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    continuing... (minor update; it's been so long! Forgive me! )

    Looting the remaining Roman carcasses, the party pick up a few items and then tail Asterix and Obelix.

    As they tail the plucky duo, they overhear a few things. The pair are clearly going to a Roman-fortified camp called Compendium, which is likely the camp in the distance. They also hear about a Gaulish druid named Getafix, who needs more supplies to make their magic potion.

    We are nearing Compendium. Two Roman guards are outside the gates. They don't hinder Asterix or Obelix, but they are visibly shaking. They don't, however, detect the party.

    "Problematic," whispers Frigid. "They'll let those two in. Us, probably not."

    "They're pretty big," murmurs Pyrrha.

    "Well they're not invincible," intones Liar 2.

    "Let's discuss this," says the Wedginator, and they converse.

    Wedginator X - 100%
    Liar 2 - 100%
    Bloody Frigid - 100%
    No Consequences - 100%
    Pyrrha - 100%
    Apocalypse II - 100%
    All Bar Some - 100%

    4 x Tool Kit


    Okay, you've reached Compendium. And here are the stats for the two guards.

    Shape: Tornado
    Colour: Silver
    Weight: 175kg
    Armour: 5mm Hardox 600
    Drive: 2 C40-300s @ 36v
    Motivation: 4WD
    Ground Clearnace: 0mm at front, god knows at the sides/rear, its a lot :P
    Weaponry: A high-pressure flipping scoop.
    Srimech: Invertible, but can right itself anyhow.


    What do, folks?
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