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Thread: Zlayerz RPG: Identity Theft Redux!

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    Marking yet another page in vapourbot history...

    Team Zlayerz RPG: Identity Theft Redux

    It was dark. No light, from sun or moon, reached its way inside the vacuous marble room, but thunder could be heard from a distant source; the sound reverberated around the room as though it came from the very cold walls themselves. An ironically fitting sight; dark setting for dark business...

    Just the way it should be.

    A sudden shaft of light disturbed the quiet darkness with an ominous creak: a door had opened somewhere in the room. Barely had it opened when the room's surfaces began to glow. The said glow was just barely enough to see; a lurid green not unlike a lime. But the person who had opened the door pushed it open wider, spilling pure white light into the room. He had in his hands a device not unlike a handheld transmitter. With him, at his feet, there was a robot. This robot was not as the ones most people are familiar with, the walking, talking androids seen on television. No...this was a combat robot. It was meant for battling purposes. It had a wedge shape with rounded sides that tapered at the front, making the front comparatively narrow to the back. On its sides near the front was a single long spike. Its two wheels are exposed at the back.

    The man's eyes fell upon six armchairs that were in the room, arranged in a circle. Evidently his presence here was already known... that and the presence of five others... so the room was not as empty as it had seemed at first. Shaking away his thoughts, he slowly advanced into the room and closed the door, directing his machine with him, and took a seat. His robot he placed at the side.
    Barely had he done so and turned to face the door, when it proved a good thing he had done so; a second person pushed open the door. He too held aloft a transmitter, as well as having a robot by his side. It was dome-like in shape and very wide, with two big curved blades on the sides and a lifter that encompassed much of the top of the dome. After the person had taken his seat and the two men had gazed at each other for a moment, they addressed each other.



    Hello, Joey.

    Hiya Marti, how's life been?

    Good, how's yours been?

    Tiring, but I'll live...huh?

    The brief discussion was interrupted by the arrival of another person. This was a woman. And like the others, she had a transmitter held, and a combat robot following after her. It had a big wedge with a red claw atop, and brown wings flanking the claw. She took a seat beside the man named Joey.


    Hi Tracy.

    Hullo, came a sleepy reply. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

    Oh, no no, we were just discussing life, supplied Martijn.

    Therein the meaning of? I never understood the meaning of life, she muttered.

    That gets a bit too philosophical for my tastes, really, said Joey.

    The room was now glowing a bit brighter.

    Fancy, this, remarked the Manitoba-born. Kody's never been one to put on a show like this. In fact, I don't recognize the place at all.

    That's because we've never been here, replied Martijn.

    Well I agree with Tracy, said Joey. The letter I got informed me of bad business. What's with the drama, pray tell? It doesn't fit.

    I'm sure we'll find out, said Martijn. Hark! who's that?

    They turned to find another person entering, a transmitter being twirled by the man's finger and a boxy combat robot flanking him. It had white, blue, and gold colourings and had skirts. Now that the room had brightened, they could tell who he was.

    Lian. Welcome to the throng.

    Thanks! He took a seat. So, how's everybody?




    The usual, then? grinned the transmitter-twirler.

    Yes. And I wouldn't handle your radio controller like that, said Martijn.

    Oh please, I'm a professional - WHOA! shouted Lian as the transmitter flew off his finger; Tracy had to dive to catch it, and handed it back to him with an irate expression.

    Hehehe...well, almost, Lian shrugged. Joey sighed audibly.

    I do believe we have another joining us, said Martijn suddenly.

    Well yeah, and another, because there's two more empty seats, said Tracy.

    No, I mean that we another person just joining us, because I see Jordan in the doorway, said Martijn.

    Oh! said Tracy, and she turned with the rest to see a man standing there looking a bit alarmed at the sight of them. He hid his transmitter behind his back slightly, and his robot, a translational spinner/rammer combo, immediately was parked by the seat that he took a few seconds later.

    Uh, hello. Jordan was noticeable most by his impressive afro. How are you all?

    The rest of the group chorused their individual replies together.

    Didn't catch that, sorry. They sighed.

    We're generally fine, said Martijn, if everybody here is in agreement with that.



    No objections here.

    Well okay, said Jordan.

    And now the door was pushed open for a sixth time. They turned to the seemingly final member of their group, who waved at them with the transmitter in his hand, and the pushy robot that was accompanying him. They were stunned. But only Joey spoke up.

    Liam? Liam Eliot?

    That's me.

    Toilet Mail? exclaimed Martijn.

    Martijn, can you not bring that up? Liam muttered, as the rest laughed at the reference.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Liam took the last seat. So, I'm guessing you all decided to attend because of this? He held a letter between his index and middle fingers.

    Yeah, chorused the rest of the roboteers.

    I wonder what this dangerous business Kody described in his letter is about, voiced Tracy.

    It had better be important, said Jordan.

    Well I think it would be important, otherwise he would not have called us all out here, piped up Lian.

    Guys? said Liam. Did you notice this?

    Notice what? said Joey, not looking.

    Well now that it's much brighter in here, I can see what Liam's talking about, said Martijn. Look at that!

    Everybody turned to look at what Liam and Martijn were paying attention to. It was another door... but this door was greater...far far greater than the other. It appeared to be crafted of black vitrolite, yet it sparkled so brightly that they had to shield their eyes slightly. It also didn't escape anybody's notice that there were shapes on the door. Not reflections, mind you. Actual shapes almost like paint, that moved... that almost seemed to ink out of the door, over it, and back into it... almost like a living rorschach test.

    That is bizarre... remarked Lian. I love it.

    It's so shiny! squealed Tracy.

    It must be of great importance, imposed Jordan.

    I think Kody may be overdoing it, sighed Joey.

    I agree with Lian, said Liam. It's freaking bizarre as all hell.

    And it's opening, Martijn said.

    He was right. A line of light had appeared in the middle of the door, almost instantly cut off slightly, because a figure had appeared in the doorway that had widened considerably. It appeared tall and cylindrical, almost shaped like a salt-and-pepper-shaker, and as it came closer they could recognize its race.

    Is that a...Dalek? said Joey in mild shock.


    Superiors? said Martijn, with an incredulous look at Joey.


    Charlie! barked a voice from beyond the door. The Dalek turned, a little sharply. Everybody else followed its gaze to see a second figure running out from the doorway. It was barely half the height of the Dalek, and its puny body was dark grey. It had gigantic red ears not unlike boom-box speakers, contrasting greatly to its tiny stick-like limbs, one of the arms nonetheless holding steady a rapier which was pointing at the Dalek. Atop the figure's head was a musketeer cap with a green feather. Its face could have been drawn by a child in single-digit years using chalk.

    You're not supposed to frighten the guests like that! yelled the figure. Its voice was very high-pitched.

    I AM MERELY ACTING IN CHARACTER, came the Dalek's stiff reply...if it could be stiff.

    I thought Kody told you not to exterminate anybody! shouted the other. If you're going to be in character, at least don't threaten anybody here!

    As the group gazed in astonishment that this paltry little runt was berating a cold-minded killing machine, the 'runt' turned to them. I'm awfully sorry for Charlie's behavior! it squeaked. Um, I'm Rob the Boomboxer. Follow me please! We've been expecting you. It turned and walked off.

    The group looked at one another confusedly, then shrugged and followed after the little guy, their robots at their sides. The Dalek paused, then flanked them as the great door closed again.


    Well, it's good to see you all again. A pity it couldn't have been at a better time.

    Once again, the guests were amazed. They were now in a cathedral-sized hall, well-lit and sporting some audience stands. What really shocked them, however, was the static screen that stretched from the ceiling to the ground, and from wall to wall. It was like a borderless flat-screen television, yet it didn't have a surface. It was lines and lines of disfigurement and monotone chaos, joined into one. There were two equal-height figures standing in front of it, and as the guests and their guides entered the room, the two turned around.

    One of them was a very thin feminine figure, nearly pixie-like; it would have looked very familiar to a couple of the guests as it had giant lily petals for a skirt and for a headress, and long thorny vines that resembled hair, plus overlarge boots, and a sleeveless blouse with vine patterns. The colours that would have made the figure easily identifiable, however, were absent. The petals, blouse, and boots were jet-black, the hair silver, and its skin was winter-white. She had almost a bug-like face with no nose, eyebrows, or whites to the overlarge eyes, but there was a trail of red from one of the said eyes that looked like blood. On the back of her blouse were silvery wings not unlike monochrome palm tree leaves, but both pairs were folded down at the moment. As utterly gothic as this appearance seemed, she smiled brightly at the guests and waved at them.

    The other figure was the only one here that they knew, and they knew him too well, but only from his visage. He wore a black cassock with a mandarin collar, and Deus specs, shaded green. His dirty-blonde hair was starting to curl over again, and his soul patch (the hair under the lower lip) nearly reached down to his chin. As they drew near he lifted the Deus specs off his face and pocketed them, and they caught the glint of blue from his pupils.

    Kody, said Tracy, why the HELL are you dressing like somebody we know?

    Don't be rude Tracy, muttered Martijn. He gazed at the blonde man. Hi Kody.

    Hi, chorused the group. Jordan muttered something about Neo....

    Good day to you all as well, came the slow reply, or I wish it were. However, I will discuss that in a moment. I hope the welcome was to your liking.

    The roboteers gazed mutinously at the Dalek, whose weapon stalk trembled.

    Ah yes, said Kody. Don't mind Charles, he is merely... 'being himself'. I assure you all that he means no harm.

    You're assuring us that a DALEK means us no harm? said Liam incredulously. Are you off your rocker?

    Aww, Charlie's just a big softie, squeaked Rob the Boomboxer.


    As long as you mean him no harm, then the feeling is mutual, added Kody.

    Aren't Daleks only supposed to feel hate? inquired Martijn.

    Not this one, said the pixie-like lady. He was re-programmed.

    Indeed, said Kody. Now that you know about Charles, THIS here is Robert.

    Hi! squeaked tiny Rob. I may be small, but I'm super-strong!

    But you still need me to help you with your cap, sniffed the pixie.

    I can't help that! shouted the Boomboxer. My arms are too small!

    If the group could have spouted anime sweatdrops, they would have.

    Right. Pay no heed to that, muttered Kody. Well, that right there is Trillia. The pixie waved again.

    She looks...kinda familiar... said Tracy suspiciously.

    And you all know me. Or so I hope, by now, smirked Kody.

    Wait, who is this again? Joey asked Martijn. Tracy chuckled, but Jordan wasn't impressed.

    Alright, so now we know who everybody is. What's the deal? he demanded.

    Patience is a virtue, replied Kody.

    You've had time, said Liam irritably. No matter how true that may be.

    Indeed! You won't object to this then. He snapped his fingers, and a mechanical snarling noise made them all jump.

    What was - ? said Lian, who had jumped the highest. And then his eyes focused on the floor, as did the others. A slot was opening up in it, and suddenly a glass-like cage, more like a bubble, came into view. Rob and Trillia looked away, and even Charles hid his weapon stalk.

    Is that...? Guys, look, said Martijn. He was staring at the contents of the cage.

    It was Team Zlayerz' refbot, The Watcher. The normally blank LED eyes were a deep scarlet. It moved its weaponry about at unrealistic speeds. Upon coming into eye-contact with the party, the metallic beak actually opened, and it spoke in an unrecognizable voice.


    And with that, the fire extinguisher activated in semi-automatic fashion and blew smoke into the cage, obscuring its figure. But more smoke just kept pouring out of the robot.

    Lower it! Lower it! squeaked Rob. But Kody was undeterred. Charles, you know what to do, he said. The Dalek nodded its stalk.

    Wait, what are you doing?! shouted Lian.

    Kody opened the cage around the middle. At once the rogue refbot was turned loose. Its eyes caught Tracy and it fired a jet of CO2 at her. Unfortunately this blast came at absurd speeds, and Joey, knowing something was amiss, saw it coming.

    Tracy! he cried, and he had to tackle her aside as the suddenly lethal shot barely missed her. As it prepared another shot, Charles finally had aimed perfectly.

    Fire! barked Kody.

    A red jet of light beamed from the Dalek's stalk and struck the renegade robot dead-on. It began to spark violently, and... deactivated.

    Phew, panted Joey.

    Good save there, Joey, thanks grunted Tracy.

    Yeah, good one, said Martijn faintly.

    I see I was right in picking you for this task, said Kody, a steely glint in his eye. Very well, I will now tell you what is going on and what to do about it. He encased The Watcher within the cage again and it was lowered back under the floor.

    Please do, said Jordan.

    S-shall I make a cup of tea? said Rob.

    Everybody looked at him.

    Rob shrugged. It's what I usually do if somebody needs some calming down.

    We'll take some, thanks, said Tracy shakily, and the Boomboxer scampered off.

    So... why should we help something that just nearly had Tracy copped? cried Liam.

    Because that is not him at all.

    Obstinate silence.

    Uh...I'm pretty sure that WAS him, said Jordan, confused.

    That is correct, said Kody. When they looked further confused, he sighed. My Refbot's identity has been stolen.

    STOLEN?!? they howled.

    Yes, said Kody. Giving artificial intelligence to my Refbot unfortunately proved an undoing of mine, as somebody has taken advantage of it.

    Do you know who did it? growled Tracy.

    No, said Kody sadly. All I detected was a malicious presence, but nothing further.

    ...I'm sorry to ask this, said Jordan, but can it be possible that your Refbot usually acts somewhat violently and that he's maybe just on a random anger trip?

    Jordan! spluttered Liam.

    I just want to know, said Jordan sheepishly.

    Kody's jaw twitched. My Refbot has never been known to act like that...ever. So your suspicions can be laid to rest.

    Alright, alright, said Jordan.

    And how does this affect us? said Joey.

    Well you see, this evil being may be able to find a way to control robots using the AI of The Watcher. In fact, it's quite likely, because of the way I programmed that AI.

    Which means... said Martijn slowly.

    Yes. Your robots may even rebel, even without an AI of their own. Anyone's. All roboteers are at risk.

    ...that's bad, muttered Lian.

    I fear he may even go beyond robots. How, I do not know. But again, it is possible, said Kody.

    So what remains do we stop this being? said Tracy.

    That...would have been easy, but unfortunately...

    Spill it! said Tracy.

    Well I had built a device that tracks the location of The Watcher, because I didn't want my precious AI going to waste in case something was sabotaged. Unfortunately, because I feared for the safety of the tracking device as much as my AI, I locked it away, so to GET that device requires 7 items, and they are all shaped like gears.

    I see... said Martijn. I take it this entity took the gears as well.

    Half-right, said Kody. He scattered them, or so I found when I returned here.

    If he wanted to make things difficult, said Joey, why didn't he keep the gears with him?

    Because that would basically mean we already have a tracker, said Kody. The gears track each other because of their cores, and he only took SIX. I have the last one. He held it up. The Neodymium Gear. This will open up the first door.

    Oh cool, said Jordan. So I take it, our task is to find the Gears?

    Correct, said Kody.

    So where are they? said Lian.

    I will show you, said Kody. Or, rather, Trillia will show you. Trillia, if you will...

    Can I have my tea first? sniffed Tracy.

    Not to worry! squeaked tiny Rob as he returned with a mug of Earl Grey tea that was too big for him.

    Why thank you! cooed Tracy approvingly, and drank it with gusto.

    I think you're supposed to sip it... muttered Joey.

    It wasn't that hot, replied Tracy.

    Come, said the pixie. I will show you the lands that the gears were discarded into.

    Oh good, said Martijn.

    Trillia led them to one of the walls. One second, said Trillia, and then looked back to the wall. A fine powder had appeared in one of her hands, and she blew a cloud of it at the wall. The dust clung to the wall in a rectangular shape, and soon after the wall covered with the dust faded away to reveal some stairs to an area above. Trillia turned and winked at them.

    Crikey, whispered Liam.

    At length Trillia led them to an interface. We have tracked the location of the remaining Gears, said Trillia, and they are within different dimensions.

    Dimensions?! yelped Martijn.

    Yes, said Trillia, which has led us to believe this enemy of ours is far, far more than he seems. Fortunately, the Gears are all within ONE dimension, not multiple. However this dimension is very strange, and this is primarily why we have called upon you.

    Why is it strange? said Joey.

    Because if you enter that dimension, said Trillia, shuddering, you become a robot.

    WHAT?!? yelled the group.

    I share your feelings, really, said Trillia. The idea of machination is blasphemous, but it cannot be helped if we wish to retrieve the Gears.

    Will...w-will it be permanent?! cried Tracy.

    Happily, no, replied Trillia. Kody could not travel to that dimension, nor could I. Little Robert did though... Trillia broke off.

    It's okay, you don't have to tell us what happened to him, said Liam hastily. But how did he get out?!

    Charles saved him, said Trillia quietly. That is how Charles is on our side, incidentally. Kody got hold of a Dalek and managed to reprogram it. Far beyond his capabilities are reprogramming his referee.

    I have a question, said Jordan. How can you reprogram a Dalek? They're living organisms.

    They are cyborgs, said a voice. Kody had appeared from the stairs. I will admit it was extremely difficult, but I managed to reprogram it efficiently enough so that even its biological half was swayed. Now...Trillia, have you showed them the location of the Gears yet?

    I'm just doing! There! That's where they are, said Trillia excitedly. We got Charles to visit each of them and gather information on them, so we've named them appropriately. Unfortunately he couldn't stay there long.

    Why not? said Tracy.

    Because the biological part of him was being corroded, said Kody. The outer shell protected his actual being from machination somehow, but it did not prevent the dimension from actually eating away at it. Trillia is a master healer, so we have her to thank for Charles' safe returns.

    Trillia blushed. Aw, stop it, you're bringing colour to my face!

    Right, said Kody. Speaking of which, whenever you return here, Trillia will be able to heal you completely. Assuming, of'll do this for us.

    The group looked at each other.

    You went to such lengths just to get us to get these Gears for you? said Jordan.

    Since we couldn't ourselves... moaned Trillia.

    Hey cheer up! said Jordan, grinning. Of course we'll do it.

    You will?! said Trillia.

    I take it you accept our proposal, then? said Kody.

    I repeat: of course, said Jordan.

    If we don't, we're kinda boned, don't you think? said Tracy.

    What Tracy said, added Joey.

    Count me in! said Martijn.

    Oh yeah! said Liam.

    100% PERCENT CHANCE OF...ACTION!!! bellowed Lian, making everybody jump. Sorry, just wanted to say that.

    Well, if that's all... said Kody.

    Wait, Kody, said Trillia. There is a crucial part here. What will happen if they enter that dimension?!

    Ah yes, yes yes yes, said Kody. That is exactly why I had them bring robots along.

    Whoa, whoa whoa whoa, WHOA! said Martijn. If I understand this all aright, then we're going to turn into the robots we brought, upon entering that dimension!?!

    YOU HAVE PREDICTED CORRECTLY, droned the mechanic voice of Charles the Dalek who had also just entered, followed by Rob.

    Martijn, Joey, Tracy, Lian, Liam, and Jordan stared at each other, half-disbelieving, half-exhilarated. This was insane! They were going to BE heavyweight combat robots! It seemed staggeringly retarded...and yet...

    Well? said Kody. There are a choice of areas for you all to pick. Take a gander.

    The group peered at the screen:

    1. The Gaul Pit
    2. Castle Bleck
    3. Osthreinsburg Arena
    4. The Elsinore Yard
    5. Angband Battlefield
    6. DeGroot Keep
    Blimey, what a list, said Joey.

    Let's decide guys, said Martijn.


    WHEW!!! Long post! But hopefully it's a good read. After you're done reading, post here to your fellow members to discuss where you want to go! Whichever area gets the most votes, you go there first. Also, if you have any relevant questions for Kody, Trillia, Charles, or Robert, do ask.

    Incidentally, I can draw up some quick bios for Charles, Robert, and Trillia, if requested.

    And please, no posts about realism or continuity here. Or about my sanity, I get that enough.


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    I didn't sign up for this because I wanted realism. ;p

    uhm. Err. I dunno where I wanna go...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowflare
    I didn't sign up for this because I wanted realism. ;p
    Just sending the message out. :P

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    RPG makes maths lectures far more fun.

    I'm guessing we'll face/meet a/several robot(s) based on the area so
    1. The Gaul Pit - Asterix & Obelix - hopefully still the good guys.
    2. Castle Bleck - Count Bleck + whatever mario themed creations you can come up with.
    3. Osthreinsburg Arena - filled with Soul Calibur bad guys, not fun.
    4. The Elsinore Yard - Hamlet (more widely, Shakespeare) so King Leer, Macduff.
    5. Angband Battlefield - Middle Earth according to my friend, hence, Ancalagon - even less fun.
    6. DeGroot Keep - TF2 can only end hilariously.

    Gaul Pit sounds least death filled, I vote there.

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    I'm up for the Gaul Pit

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    You have given Kody and Trillia your unanimous choice, the Gaul Pit. Trillia informs you of the place.

    The year is 50B.C. In the region of Gaul, a village of indomitable Gaulish peoples is enduring a siege against Roman troops under the (nearly) dictatorial rule of Gaius Julius Caesar. The Romans have 4 camps about the village: Aquarium, Totorum, Laudanum, and Compendium. To the east is the great village of Lutetia (present-day Paris).

    Kody adds that all efforts to subdue the village of Gauls has failed miserably, imploring that they must have some secret.

    Trillia asks if you have any further questions.

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    Is this before or after the events of the comics? If before, there's more than a few events from them that we could use to destabilise the village easily (as we are hopefully a bit smarter than the Romans ever were!) - Caesar's Gift and The Roman Agent come to mind...we could use Obelix And Co. too (my favourite Asterix book) but that would potentially take a lot longer.

    If it's after those events and therefore the Gauls are savvy to all of these things, we could always be more pragmatic and just set fire to the village using an electric igniter jury-rigged from non-essential systems (like the directional light for No Consequences' spinning - it's not needed if nobody external is driving it!)

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    Kody raises his eyebrows and says the time period is before the events of the comics. Trillia adds, however, that the Romans cannot be trusted. Most of them are egocentric, proud, and greedy of wealth and food, especially the Senate, who are also very cruel. While Caesar himself is generally wise, noble, and humble, many times he also cannot curb or conceal his inner pride or narcissism.

    Kody and Trillia await any replies to this.

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    I'd help the Gauls out, I want some magic potion.

    To misquote Joey, we're all (hopefully) genre savvy enough to thwart the smart Roman plans that might actually work. We also know enough history and should have enough fire power between us (especially with some magic potion) to do some serious damage to the Roman army rather than just continue to repel them, even more so if these are the standard Astrix Romans.

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