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Thread: battleship and aircraft

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    A gimson is probably a bit to slow to provide enough propulsion. Speed 900 are designed for model boats and have much more power, but then again they cost more. Just a thought.

    But a 919D for steering seems a good move, lots of torque to be had there

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    Unless the propeller is massive (size of a football), you'll need something higher than the roughly 500rpm of a gimson. As Alex said I'd expect something along the power-lines of a speed 900 for a nearly 2m boat.

    Not that I have ever built anything on this scale.

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    i think using a brushless setup and a large servo would work best and be far easier, maybe make the boat a bit smaller?

    edit: easiest way to make planes for it would be to get some airfix models or similar and use them.

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    I've got a missive height torque servo ideal for your rudder.

    RRP £384

    Open to an offer.

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    I suggest you look at the Big Gun ships.

    1-144 scale. Certain rules for propulsion and hull vurnability.

    I had once the idea to start with it. Unfortunatly, the ball bearing firing weapons on those ships fall under the Belgium weaponlaws, and can't be used legaly.

    In that case. A small WW II carrier (called a CVE) of the casablanca class was 156.13 meter long.
    In the Big Gun scale that means 1.08m long.
    Topspeed of that slow carrier was 35km/h 19kts. Scaled down its 4m/min 250m/h.

    Even the fastest carriers of WO II, the Lexingtons, length 270.7m speed 61.5 km/h, would give you a ship of 1.87m long, and a scaled speed of 7.5m/min 450m/h. (even faster than the modern nuclear carriers)

    And those speeds can be gotten from even the feeblest of motors. Unfortunatly, even the least bit of wind will make that kind of propulsion unsuitable for any kind of water.

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    I knew a guy years back that made large scale model aircraft and boats.

    For one boat, about 1.5m long he used a petrol strimmer to power it. Prop on the end, already has a long drive shaft, servo on the throttle, central fugal clutch so idles without the need for a gearbox.
    Just need to hope it doesn't stall!

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