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Thread: Direct Plastics

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    Direct Plastics has a new website and address:

    The only bugbear I find with the new site is that it doesn't list the price with VAT like it did in brackets on the old site (which, incidentally, is still online at which means you don't get a true idea of what it'll cost until you're halfway through the checkout. Gonna mention that to them in feedback.

    On another note though, they've started stocking Lexan-branded polycarbonate from 2mm to 12mm thick. Prices seem alright, though I'm not sure what's considered 'cheap'. Should come in useful for most of us anyway

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    Have had a look at Direct Plastics for Polycarbonate, what places do others get their sheets from? looking to get panels for a new antweight arena, sadly my other supplkier doesn't seem to be in business - Midland Plastics.

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    I've just put in an order with ED Plastics:

    They're local to work, and that works for me!

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