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Thread: Walker Robot/Interesting Robot Things...

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    As you'll have seen I've started ScotBots with Mr McHarg, looking for something I can use to draw a crowd to our cause. I've noticed that at RL events things like Pilgrim and the Daleks for example attract attention, and quite rightly so, and was wondering if anyone would have anything similar to that.

    Ideally, it'd have to be able to go on grass or any other flat-ish surface as the events we're doing at the moment are predominantly outdoors and currently our robots, with the exception of Chimera, can't really run on grass or uneven ground and Chimera doing so is a bit on the dangerous side...

    All ideas/suggestions considered.


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    a mechanical servo arm on a robot.
    like 3 axis with cheap servos.
    are people impressed by that?

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    I think you can make a simple walker by attaching a leg to a crank then have the leg in a ring at the tip to stop it moving but so it can move up and down. I'm not sure if that makes sense? I don't think this type of mechanism counts for extra weight in a fight but it means you could make a simple walker robot

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    My advice is forget the walker for a cheap easy way of making a €œcrowed puller€ I would get an old electric mobility scooter and make some manikin to fit over the top! You could actually fit inside it, saves on radio.
    People are mainly attracted to €œdifferent or funny€ not usually to €œclever or well made.€
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    Archie: I did see one of them on ebay the other day there, was pretty cheap too. Is that where you got the idea from? I cant seem to find a link to it anymore.

    Max: Not 100% sure on what you mean, but would be interesting. Don't think I would have the time to do it before our event though as I have an almost full time job plus an arena to build.

    Craig: I have a mobility scooter in the garage that I bought from ebay then cannibalised for bits to complete Eric and a few other projects. From that I know that they are incredibly heavy and bulky and my arena is being designed to be able to fit into the back of my car so might be a bit on the big side. I don't fancy dressing up as an old lady and driving around in a mobility scooter either

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    Yeah, wheels will be too small and not enough clearance. Thats why Chimera would be good, but its probably too big/dangerous for use at galas. I imagine 750's on car wheels can go at quite a whack! A walker would just be something a bit different too, doesnt look like theres many about though.

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    I think the only walkers are Spiderbot (ARAC2) and Pilgrim. I don't know of any others, plus they are quite big and would not fit in a car anyway.

    I would go for A small 6 legged robot like this.

    It doesn't steer and it dose not count as a proper walker but looks OK
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    sort antazz i didn't see it on eBay it just the first thing that came to mind.
    how about a paintball shooting RC car
    i built this.

    sorry for the bad video

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    Archie: Can't see something that size working on grass. I'll also have something quite similar but a bit bigger that I can use.

    Craig: Its a strange balance i'd be looking for, it'd need to be big enough to be seen but also ideally fit in a car. That video looks interesting, but doesn't really look advanced enough to do the job, and also probably too small.

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