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Thread: Super heavy weights

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    Short answer: The Americans
    Long Answer: SHW's never really took off here in the UK as the main focus for Robot Wars was the Heavyweights, why build something thats more expensive and wouldn't get on TV? Whereas in America they had Battlebots which actually offered SHW events, and the Americans being Americans a few decided to Supersize their machines. Although even over there they were somewhat of a rarity. I believe the only SHW i know of in the UK was (i think) owned by Craig of Anto fame?

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    the super heavy division ran in series 2 and 3, series 2 there were 12 I believe, and were featured at the end of the series.
    Series 3 there were 8 of us, we were in the pits waiting to go on until the infamous incident happened and dozens of fights were cancelled.

    That was the last time anyone ran a super heavyweight division and it is highly unlikely that there will ever be one again.

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    What was the infamous incident?

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    Yes what PJ said.

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    During the filming of Series 3 a damaged robot was left in the arena when the next fight was being set up. When one of the robots was activated the damaged robot flew off and hit a crew member.

    It caused a series of safety precautions to be taken to make sure it didn't happen again. This all set back the program of filming by 2 days, Super Heavyweights, Lightweights, feather weights and Tag teams were all cancelled

    It was the last time Super Heavyweights were ever allowed to enter Robot Wars, after then they were told to go home and add legs

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    Um, what about the crew member?

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