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Thread: Aim 4 Adventures!!!

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    hello all you robot wizards

    i am here today to say that my dad has started a buissneiss (<- dont no how to spell it)
    the buissneiss is with paintball, if you need just a fun type of party or just want to have ago.

    People ask dose paintball hurt well the truth is, for a second :P you get your sting then you are so pumped to shoot them back very fun.

    we have all the gear,protection you would ever need.
    with our inflatable bunkers (like the pro's use) you will get the real feeling of becoming a top paintballer

    if you havent tryed paintball yet!

    you havent ticked off you life long dream !!!!!!!!

    looks like you need to pm me or look at the site

    thank you for reading

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    last time I went I got shot before it Start at close range by my friend.
    but with plenty of protection its great fun.
    take it its down south?

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    its mobile, we can come to you if you pay for the fuel

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