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Thread: The Crash & Burn Tournament 5

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    No probs. And Lewis (since he can't post on FRA at the mo') has also reserved a spot. So...1 spot left!

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    *looks around suspiciously, reserves spot*

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    Well, I guess that's all spots taken then, yes?

    I will hold reserved spots until further notice. People who have currently reserved spots, but without any entries are:

    Andrew Jackson
    Tracy Farber
    Martijn Benschop
    Steven McGregor
    Lewis Matthews
    Jordan Brown
    Jack Orr
    Josh Noel
    Mark Elam

    In other words, there's a LOT of people who need to get their bots in! Come on, peeps!

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    I can confirm that I will enter Under Pressure and Sheer Heart Attack, be it in their current forms or new incarnations.

    Working on 2 new bots, but in a pinch when a deadline draws near I can call on Plan B and enter 4 of my excisting bots.

    I don't expect to get 'round designing a whole otherweight fleet and will probably enter realies in most otherweight spots.

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    That's fine Marti.

    I will be checking for BIIBI bots soon.

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    Not worrying.

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    *is worried about what sort of antweight Nick might come up with *

    A few addenda to my entries:

    > Broken Wings' stats are up in Alex's Oddbots thread, and may be found by means of this link. Although it 'walks', it's not a proper walker and more of a shuffler; however it weighs 100kg and is made of fibreglass so this should probably not be an issue.

    > For people who are unaware of what Jigsaw is, I have derived some stats for it:

    Name: Jigsaw V mk. III
    Weight: ~150g (it depends whose scales are being used, which battery pack is in it, and possibly on the phases of the moon)
    Dimensions: 145mm x 100mm x 40mm
    Drive: 2 x 50:1 Pololu 'HP' gearmotors run at 7.4v from a 2 cell 135mah lithium polymer battery pack, driving two 32mm wheels with quite grippy rubber tyres.
    Speed: Very fast, but top speed of about 1m/s hardly ever used as I tend to drive it in a far more controlled manner
    Ground clearance: 0 at the front due to both the wedge, and then a strip of acetate (not pictured) which runs along the ground at the front of the wedge for maximum lowness - up to 10mm elsewhere
    Chassis: Folded 1mm polycarbonate
    Armour: 0.9mm grade 2 titanium, with the top windows being protected and strengthened with 0.3mm carbon fibre sheet
    Weapon: Forward hinged flipper driven from a Hitec HS82MG servo, run at full battery voltage, which can lift up to 500g
    Srimech: The flipper (for the purposes of fanfic, this works every time - in real life I need to fiddle with the transmitter settings more...)
    Notes: Antweight World Series 33 champion (somehow!) and has placed quite highly in every AWS since. No sides...

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    All Bar One

    Antweight: Black box vaguely statted in the link

    The rest shall follow.

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