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    New robot im making... not rushing to build it, wont be done this side of the uk championships anyhow....

    pile of parts;

    probably build it like 540... titanium base bent up, aluminium bulkheads to hold components, then a hardox one piece shell with area's reduced to titanium.

    Bulkhead cad's;

    Ill get them waterjet when i can be bothered to sort out ordering some aluminium

    test of the pneumatics;

    seemed ok, ran out of gas though.. the bottle to 1/8th bsp female adaptor that i believe was made by mario leaks really badly, so ill have to re-design that and machine something thats actually got a seal in it....apart from that, all good.

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    The ram is mine. The dump valve too.

    The rest is vague. But if it's my fault, Mea Culpa. Send it back, and I'll solve it.
    I'll reimburse the postage cost. I don't like prototypes failing to perform.

    On the other hand, did I send you that setup?

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    Isn't the dump valve just an of the shelf valve? .... Tbh mario for the price of postage it isn't worth sending, ill machine a new bottle adaptor and post pics, might make a couple.

    And no, got it from jonny.... Apart from the buffer which Kenny made, and I got the prv online.

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    Another Bot? excellent, will it be pretty like the others ? I hope so

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    No problemo Dave.

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    Please Dave, not ANOTHER thin armed triangle flipper.

    The FWs are starting to get like the Heavies in that all the flippers have roughly the same shape.

    Why not make a FW Turbulence? I've heard it did alright? :wink:

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    Ahhh, so that's where that ram went to! I can tell you that they work great, I have the other one just like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by PJ-27
    Why not make a FW Turbulence?
    Sounds like a great idea to me, Turbulence is the '06 UK Champ. Would be great to see in action!

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    dave's is lighter as more is made from aluminium. but i agree, fw turbulence would be awesome. turbulence is my fave hw

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    This robot never got any further, decided if wasn't my style- the pneumatics went to Clive and the drive went into Diablo... The pneumatics weren't that great, exact same spec ram in Diablo was twice as effective.

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