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Thread: Good Websites for Newcomers

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    Thought i'd start a list of websites we all use and pretty much know off by heart for newcomers to the sport to use as a reference for where to find various components. I'll probably forget some, so add if you see fit. Apologies in advance if I miss anything out in the description of your website, i'm just putting the main things in and people can have a look for themselves

    Roboteer Forums


    UK Antweight Forum:

    Australian RoboWars Forum:

    Event Organisers


    Robots Live:

    Roaming Robots:


    Gimson Robotics (motors, wheels, actuators)

    Robochallenge (wheels, motors)

    Component Shop (batteries)

    Giant Cod (radio gear, servos, batteries, motors, most things we use actually...)

    Technobots (connectors, fixings, LEDs, cabling, speed controllers)

    Robot Power (Scorpion XL, XXL and Sidewinder speed controllers)

    Argos (cheap drill motors)

    Vapextech ebay store (batteries) ... 4340.l2559

    Dimension Engineering (Sabertooth speed controllers)

    Banebots (wheels, motors)

    Electronize (Electronize speed controllers)

    RS Components (Electronic Components)

    HPC Gears (gears, belts, chain, sprockets, pulleys, custom fabrications)

    Botbitz (speed controllers)


    Direct Plastics (Engineering Plastics)

    JL Steel (Hardox)

    Material Cutting

    Clydeview Engineering



    LED Resistor Calculator;

    Timing Pulley Calculator:

    Spinning Weapon KE Calculator:

    Drive and Battery Calculator:

    Magnetic Force Calculator:

    Motor Power Output Calculator:

    Robot Speed Calculator: ... lator.html

    Torque Conversion Tables: ... ervalue=90

    Shape to Weight Calculator:


    Drill Hacking Guide:

    Electric Exe Guide:

    Torque conversion app:

    Pneumatics Help and Guides

    Pneumatic Systems Information:

    Pneumatic System Build Tips:

    Pneumatics Guide: ... obots.html

    Pneumatic Guide:

    Comparison Tables

    Plastic Comparison Table: ... astics.htm

    Metal Comparison Table:

    Steel Comparison Table:

    Graupner Motor Comparison Table: ... aupner.htm
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    No idea if these have been posted or are already known of yet, but here are a couple more material calculators

    one of them calculates box section which I thought may be useful
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    Sorry for the bump, but thanks for the links and I noticed a few problems:

    The .com/ affects what site I go to, which was, it wouldn't work as you changed the .com to a, I didn't try out all of them but you might want to see if they work

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