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Thread: Good Websites for Newcomers

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    no harm done.
    I feel its good but hdpe is too popular.
    polycarb is great because you can show off all the Electrics.

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    On a similar topic
    would Perspex be OK as armour.
    my school has loads

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    no, it's too brittle

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    OK thanks

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    Source of the new ESC's becoming popular.

    Any chance some of the non related stuff can be ditched from this thread to keep it simple and tidy?

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    Lots of property info on many materials.

  8. #28 ... ervalue=90

    Lots of conversion tools, particularly nice one for units of Torque.

    Anyone know of a good one for RPM, Wheel Diameter and Speed? And by good I mean allows you to alter any field and takes metric units.

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    as for tonys tidy up the thread idea
    why dont we keep draft topic and make

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