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Thread: Tilly 101

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    anyone know what happened to it as it looks like a dam cool bot!

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    got a picture of it? i can't remember most of the tillys.

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    cant remember were i saw it but it was round, kinda looked like 2 ufo's stuck to eachother

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    [attachment=1:2mpnhfn5]IMG_6476 (1).jpg[/attachment:2mpnhfn5]

    Aww, young li'l Shane
    [attachment=0:2mpnhfn5]tilly 101.jpg[/attachment:2mpnhfn5]
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    Wow that is cool

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    looks like a ring spinner?

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    Yeah, think it was just driven by a couple of electric motors through friction-drive.

    EDIT: As for what happened to it, someone from the team will probably be able to clarify. But it was a heavyweight spinner and those pictures were from the 2006 UK champs, which was the last event that accommodated HW spinners. So it'll probably have been raided for bits since then.

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    One of the ring blades made for Tilly 101 looked like a gigantic saw. This has now been cut into 2 bits and its the spikey backbone bit on Major Damage now

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    Darn it, its been done! I wanted to build a similar design for my next featherweight! And I thought it would be a unique robot. Oh well, it seems everything really is a remix.

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