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Thread: AndyJJ and Sharky66's Tournament

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    So that makes:

    3rd-Place Playoff
    Pyrrha vs. Gabriel V

    Apocalypse II vs. S.O.T.A.R. v2

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    Scoop set up for this round.

    Hmm, theres not much he can do to me, and I to him. I'll try to get to his sides and try to get him down the pit, or feed him to the arena hazards and the house robots.

    Good luck Joey

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    3rd-place Playoff
    Pyrrha vs. Gabriel V

    Gabriel is reattaching the ears and skirts! Pyrrha is sporting the scoop set-up!

    Roboteers, stand by...

    The house robots today will be Sgt. Bash and Cassius Chrome!


    The match starts and we have a play-off! And both robots have gone straight for the pit release button! Oh my, it looks like we're going to have a quick match! We shall see! It's Pyrrha who gets there first! Lian's heavyweight rams straight into the pit release button and there's that annoying siren again! Annoying but all too deadly, for we know the pit of doom and gloom has been lowered! And doom and gloom seem to await Pyrrha because Gabriel V has got under the rear of it with its formidable nose cone! Up goes the flipper, and Pyrrha hits the button and goes over onto its side! Joey backs off and waits to see if Pyrrha can get out of that predicament... indeed she can! The Behemoth-esque scoop pushes against the wall and tilts Pyrrha away from the wall! And in comes Joey with Gabriel V - Pyrrha hits the floor but is gotten under immediately by Gabriel V and flipped against the release button again! Now with the scoop pointed away from the wall, can Pyrrha get away? The scoop lifts, and lifts, and... no dice! It seems that Pyrrha is completely pegged in there! Joey backs off again, and it seems that he's won this play-off because Pyrrha simply cannot get herself off the wall! The RefBot comes in to see what's going on, and Gabriel goes into a victory spin as the countout begins!
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

    And that means the house robots can now come in and have their say! Cassius Chrome is first over and he - oh dear. Cassius Chrome's aim is not the best, I tell you, he just hit the wall beside Pyrrha. Sgt. Bash is now in there as well and blasts Pyrrha with the flamethrower. Using the claw he slowly gets Pyrrha off the release button to grapple, but unfortunately Pyrrha doesn't want to be part of the grappling plans - as soon as she hits the floor, she drives off! Sgt. Bash tries to chase but is suddenly blocked by Gabriel V! Lian catches Joey's eye and I think I sense the beginnings of a house robot rebellion! Cassius Chrome zooms about, getting around Sgt. Bash and the pit, and tries to ram Gabriel V from the side! Unfortunately the skirts of Gabriel V completely throw off the 200kg robot's plans, as Cassius Chrome goes flying up the side of Gabriel and is now tilting off the other side! Gabriel is a bit puzzled at what to do, and Sgt. Bash moves to over to cover Gabriel with flames - fitting for such a situation - when Pyrrha drives in out of nowhere and gets under the side of Bash! With a bit of effort, Pyrrha manages to upend Sgt. Bash and completely humiliate him! Cassius Chrome really is going nowhere and Gabriel now tries to turn and flip, free of having to worry about Bash. Unfortunately, this throws Cassius Chrome completely off of him and unfortunately the house robot still has his wheels on the ground! Meanwhile Pyrrha is pushing Sgt. Bash towards the pit, and with a few more shoves, Bash is down the hole!

    The competitors' sights set on Cassius Chrome now, Pyrrha rides about, trying to get around the side of him. Sadly this doesn't work out to well as Cassius Chrome spins about and knocks Pyrrha away! Gabriel V isn't too keen on attacking Cassius Chrome and is keeping his distance. Pyrrha continues with the attempts at trying to get around that scoopy front of Cassius Chrome but is knocked away each time! Finally (at a yell from Lian across the arena) Joey decides to get involved and moves Gabriel towards Cassius Chrome while Pyrrha gets deflected away yet again. The nose cone easily gets under the front scoop of Cassius Chrome and Gabriel moves further under, completely beaching him! Pyrrha is thankful for the distraction and NOW moves to the side of Cassius Chrome. Using all her lifter's strength, Pyrrha is able to get Cassius Chrome up and over, and the competitors have won!


    Pyrrha defeats the house robots (with some help) , and that's quite an achievement. But 4th place is all it gets! Gabriel V wins 3rd place!


    Up next
    Apocalypse II vs. S.O.T.A.R. v2

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    AndyJJ and Sharky66's Tournament - FINAL
    Apocalypse II vs. S.O.T.A.R. v2

    Roboteers, stand by...

    The house robots today will be Matilda and Sir Killalot!


    Apocalypse zooms out of his spot immediately!! Liam is taking absolutely no chances here. The problem? SOTAR has already reached its devastating max RPM of 1000! Not good! Apocalypse, showing the kind of bravery that would make icons like SpinVerter and Achilles proud, greets the whirling danger directly! And with a massive, massive CRASH!!!, both robots are flung quite aways across the arena like frisbees! Luckily for Liam, the extra Ti/V sheeting took the brunt of the blow and Apocalypse seems fine! SOTAR has gotten right back up to speed however, and now is driving directly at Apocalypse, a gleam in the uncovered eye of Tracy Farber! Damage control? What damage control?! CRASH!!! Apocalypse goes flying! SOTAR hits the wall behind! Now there is a notice dent in the 3.2mm Hardox, where it got struck, but again Apocalypse seems to shrug off the titanic blows as though they were from toffee hammers! In he comes again; there is no fear! Only reckless abandon! WHAM! Apocalypse is sent spinning again, but now SOTAR's ring is stalled outright! Apocalypse moves back in sporting another small dent, but SOTAR proves that its drivetrain isn't anything to laugh at either! It deftly evades the flipping terror and begins to spin up again! Apocalypse chases it down but it's too late, and Apocalypse takes another agonizing pounding from that lower blade of SOTAR, sent twirling about as SOTAR flies back as well, frantic to find its footing! Apocalypse, sporting small dents all over its body, is still game and flings itself into the ring of SOTAR once more! Another powerful blow results and separates the robots, but SOTAR hasn't exactly got the ring at 100% now! Liam sees his chance, and barges in! He takes another minor blow, but manages to halt the mighty spinner for the first time in the match! Tracy's expression slides from confident to panicking faster than a set of traffic lights, as she flails about to get off of Apocalypse, but Apocalypse's barbs are damn useful! In fact, they are so useful that SOTAR can't go anywhere! And Apocalypse is racing towards the wall! HE FIRES...

    ...but SOTAR doesn't go over! The spinbot was on top of Apocalypse, not directly on the flipper plate, and SOTAR didn't get enough height to get over the wall, so it bounced off the top edge and fell back onto Apocalypse! Liam has another shot, though! But no! SOTAR's stuck on top of Apocalypse again! That's not good... Liam decides to make use of the pit, then! Like a maddened torrent, Apocalypse streams across the arena and impacts hard into the release button, which lets the pit descend, but there's a problem - the force from the ram dislodged SOTAR from the barbs, and now the spinner is set free again! Tracy is off spinning like a maniac, the fanatical gleam back in her eye. Horrified, Liam and Apocalypse rush back towards the spinner, but it's a bit too late as SOTAR's ring is now fully back up to speed, recovering from the blows of yesteryear, and with a gargantuan CRASH, Apocalypse is sent flying across the arena, hitting the wall! SOTAR sails onto the flame pit, but that's fine; it drives away and begins spinning again! Liam looks devastated, but gathers his courage again, as Apocalypse continues to pester SOTAR - CRASH!!! There's another hit - OOOOH!!! Apocalypse barely missed the pit! Goodness me, that would have been the end of it all, wouldn't it?! SOTAR is now the one slammed into the wall, but continues to spin! Apocalypse, pockmarked from all these hits but still full of guile, impacts into the dervish once more! OUCH! The left-side front panel of Apocalypse just went flying off, exposing electronics! Liam is now determined to end this or die trying! Apocalypse turns about and uses the rounded rear end, instead of compromising the damaged front end, to ram into SOTAR! The lower teeth scarves into the rounded end, but it deflects away, sending SOTAR careening away, nearly landing in Matilda's CPZ! Feeling slightly more animated, Apocalypse does it again before SOTAR can drive away and this time SOTAR goes flying directly into Matilda's flywheel!

    The resulting hit sends SOTAR flying into the air at least 5 feet amid a beautiful scattering of bright-white sparks, as Tracy spies her machine spinning through the air as if someone flipped a coin! And guess who's there when SOTAR lands? That's right! Apocalypse! And Apocalypse moves towards the... hang on... what's happened to Apocalypse?!? They're not moving! SOTAR is trying to spin up on Apocalypse's front end, but it's not working and they're stuck... the wheels are moving! So SOTAR is clearly mobile! Apocalypse on the other hand is completely stationary and I think we have a champion in our midst!!! The Refbot's moving in to dislodge SOTAR... and fails! SOTAR is wedged up and but good! Now the house robots move in! Sir Killalot is there... and takes a mighty, MIGHTY blow from SOTAR's blades on his jaws of life! The jaws are completely bent out of shape, but it also separates SOTAR from Apocalypse - HEY! Apocalypse is moving!! They're after SOTAR!! What is this?! Were they just playing dead?!? But they've wedged SOTAR! They're going to the arena wall - THEY'RE - ...aaah. They missed. SOTAR hits the arena wall again and bounces off into the corner! But Apocalypse is after them, full of fire! But SOTAR is spinning up again, and there, they're back at full speed! Apocalypse turns and uses the rear! CRASH!!! SOTAR rebounds off the arena wall and Apocalypse is there to... what?! They've stopped again! AAAH!! I see what's happened here! The top panel of Apocalypse has been dislodged and has been pushed inward, putting pressure on both of their wheels, and the added pressure of SOTAR is too much! They can't move when SOTAR is on top of them! What a shocking turn of events! Refbot moves in to separate them again, but in return takes a blow to the counter!! Refbot, you numptie, what are you thinking?! It separates SOTAR from Apocalypse again... but now Apocalypse is not moving at all! I think that the bell has finally tolled for Team Welsh Warlords! Refbot moves back in... but can't count them out! SOTAR, you're a real naughty one, you!

    So the battle goes on, and the house robots are after SOTAR! Tracy smiles; with a damaged Killalot and Refbot, it seems the cards are in Team Alt's favour! Matilda moves in flywheel first, but SOTAR deftly evades to the side and tears into the side of Matilda! The exoshell is completely trashed and torn into, not unlike Hypno-Disc's encounter with Robogeddon in Series 3 of Robot Wars! Another devastating shredding and Matilda is smoking and lifeless! SOTAR now goes after Sir Killalot, she wants to take them all on! RED CARD! The red card has been lifted by Refbot! Well! That's certainly disappointing - BUT TRACY DOESN'T STOP!!! Killalot's lost a track!!! SOTAR struck anyway, and Killalot is hobbled, only able to turn in a circle! But now Refbot himself has wedged the ring spinner, and without hesitation has finally shoved them down the pit! But it doesn't matter, Apocalypse II has been declared immobile by the judges already, and SOTAR has won, as it languishes in the pit!!


    It's all over! Apocalypse II certainly gave all that it had, but it just wasn't enough and they were outlasted! S.O.T.A.R. v2 WINS ANDYJJ AND SHARKY66'S TOURNAMENT!!!


    Final Standings
    Gabriel V (Joey McConnell)
    Apocalypse II (Liam Eliot)
    S.O.T.A.R. v2 (Tracy Farber)


    Thanks to everybody who entered, and hopefully that's another bit of vapourbot history fully dusted off. See you all next time.
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