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Thread: AndyJJ and Sharky66's Tournament

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    The Alexandra Sisters: Retribution vs. Pyrrha

    From Toronto, Canada€¦ The Alexandra Sisters: Retribution!

    The Alexandra Sisters - Cassandra and Sophitia - are a two-part clusterbot. Cassandra is a simple wedge-shaped flipper, armoured in a range of Aluminium, Polycarbonate, and a Titanium/Vanadium alloy. Two S28-400 Magmotors run at 24v provide decent acceleration and a top speed of 14mph. Sophitia is larger and heavier than her sister, making intelligent use of the tracked weight bonus. Sophitia features a slightly more powerful flipper, a tough Titanium/Vanadium shell and a top speed of 16mph through its own set of S28-400 Magmotors.

    From Northampton, England€¦ Pyrrha!

    Pyrrha is a simple box shaped robot armoured in 4mm thick Titanium. It has four S28-400 Magmotors overvolted to 25.9v, providing plenty of power and a 15mph top speed. Its main weapon is interchangeable between a set of lifting forks and a pneumatic scoop. The sides and rear are protected from wedges by skirts. For this battle, Lian has opted to go for the lifting forks set-up.

    Roboteers, stand by€¦

    Our house robots in The Battlegrounds today are Shunt and Sgt. Bash.

    3€¦ 2€¦ 1€¦ Activate!

    The Alexandra Sisters split up straight away and head to either side of Pyrrha, who has already advanced to the centre of The Battlegrounds. It's Cassandra Alexandra that makes the first move, darting in towards the side of Pyrrha, but the side skirt on the interchangeable robot prevents Cassandra from getting under. However, this does give Sophitia Alexandra an opportunity to get involved, and the larger of the two sisters does manage to slide under and fires her flipper, throwing Pyrrha over the top of Cassandra. Lian recovers quickly to get the lifting forks under the rear of Cassandra and pushes her forwards, causing Cassandra to scoop Sophitia up with her wedge! Pyrrha continues to push the train of Soul Calibur themed vapourbots across the arena, with the destination being the killsaws€¦ The saws slice upwards into the 5mm Polycarbonate base of Cassandra, with the impact shaking all three robots apart.

    Pyrrha continues to target Cassandra and slides the lifting forks under the rear of the blue robot, this time raising it up off the ground as it pushes it towards the nearby vacant CPZ, before dumping it in the corner. Shunt wastes no time in joining in the action and races across the arena, ploughing into Cassandra and swinging the axe over to dent the 6mm thick Titanium and Vanadium alloy flipper. But meanwhile, Sophitia is able to catch Pyrrha off guard as it reverses out of the CPZ, getting right underneath the robot from England and throwing it against the pit release target! As the pit begins to descend, Lian looks relieved - he knows that the target might have just saved him from getting stacked up against the arena wall. Danger isn't over yet though, as Sophitia quickly drives forwards, looking to get another flip in, but Pyrrha neatly steers to one side, causing Sophitia to crash into the arena wall.

    At this point, Cassandra emerges from the CPZ, gliding under the side of Pyrrha and throws it vertically into the air with the flipper. Pyrrha lands right next to Cassandra, and as the robot from Team Zlayerz turns to get another flip in, Pyrrha gets under the side with the forks again! Pyrrha raises Cassandra off the ground and heads right towards the pit€¦ but in comes Sophitia with a fantastic interception, charging towards her sister and managing to flip Cassandra away from the lifting forks of Pyrrha! But Pyrrha quickly adjusts its momentum€¦ and down goes Sophitia! Sophitia Alexandra is in the pit - she might have just saved Cassandra from the same fate only to end up eliminated herself!

    The battle continues with Cassandra self-righting herself and Lian lowering the forks of Pyrrha, ready to go back on the attack. Cassandra turns nicely away from Pyrrha, attacking the side head on and slipping under the side skirt of the Team Bloodmage creation. Instead of flipping, though, Cassandra begins to push Pyrrha back towards Shunt's CPZ€¦ With Pyrrha beached on top of Cassandra, the axe of Shunt swings over and slices straight through the 4mm Titanium lid on Pyrrha. As the axe retracts, Cassandra fires her flipper, rolling Pyrrha up and over the top of Shunt and up against the arena wall. Shunt turns and smacks another great hole into Pyrrha, but Kody wants the house robot to get out of the way! The Canadian saw a chance to get Pyrrha out of the arena there and angrily throws the house robot onto its side, to the delight of the crowd, inadvertently knocking Pyrrha down from the arena wall in the process.

    As Shunt awkwardly rolls about trying to right himself, Pyrrha quickly gets out of danger, with Cassandra on hot pursuit€¦ Lian drives his robot round the back of the pit while he tries to decide what to do next, but Cassandra is there to meet him at the other side, causing the interchangeable robot to drive straight up and over the top of the remaining Alexandra sister! Cassandra fires her flipper, but it's a delayed reaction as Pyrrha has already landed, and as a result Cassandra throws herself over backwards! Cassandra is quick to right herself, but it has given Pyrrha the opportunity to attack, and again the forks creep under Cassandra, raising her wheels off the ground slightly. Pyrrha starts to push the 45kg robot with ease, dumping it on top of the killsaws in the middle of The Battlegrounds€¦ the saws cut upwards into the base of Cassandra for the second time in this battle, and as a clearly affected Alexandra sister hobbles away, Pyrrha nudges her over the other set of killsaws, and again they tear into the 5mm Polycarbonate of Cassandra. This time Cassandra isn't able to get away, and Pyrrha cautiously pushes her off the killsaws and the lifting forks hoist the cluster off the ground. There's no fighting back from Cassandra - it looks like the killsaws have immobilised the robot, and with that Pyrrha drops her into the pit with Sophitia.


    Pyrrha pits both of The Alexandra Sisters and advances to the next round!

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    good fight Andy

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    Wedga Ennea vs. S.O.T.A.R. v2

    From Shrewsbury in Shropshire...Wedga Ennea!

    A flipping fiend in the form of an angled box wedge with the flipper extending from a top extrusion to past the front wedge...the said flipper will you of Iron Awe 5's, if you've ever fought IA5 before. 4WD driven off 2 A28-400 Ampflow motors, and thick Ti/V armour spell out of the rest of the package.

    From Brooks in Canada...S.O.T.A.R. v2!

    This vicious ring spinner has a 15mm Ti/V spinning ring (on which are two teeth, one on the bottom and one on top) putting out 1000rpm and 85.4kJ in well under a second. Its 4 wheel drivetrain has the exact same overvolted PERM PMG 080 motors powering the spinning ring so it can reach its 12mph top speed fairly quickly.

    Roboteers, stand by...

    Our house robots today are Matilda and Dead Metal.


    Wedga Ennea already traverses the length of the arena in a heartbeat, but it isn't enough to stop SOTAR from achieving its full spinning speed and barely a second in, we get our first massive hit of the tournament as Wedga Ennea is spun away with a relatively small dent on the side of the flipper and SOTAR is flung several inches, but recovering well due to the 4WD. The Ti/V is holding up well on Wedga, so Andy decides to go back in. However SOTAR is back at full speed and actually seems to be outdoing Wedga in terms of drivetrain here, the PERMs aiding in that. Wedga seems to be wanting to go straight into the direction of SOTAR's spinning blades, when the massive spinner goes well around and Andy can't turn fast enough! Another massive collision and both Wedga and SOTAR are flung away, SOTAR getting more bite in its second attack. But again, Wedga is showing its exterior resilience to SOTAR's weaponry. Despite SOTAR spinning up again, Wedga simply charges it down again and this time he manages to strike SOTAR dead-on! The flipper takes a scuffing but it has the effect Andy wanted and SOTAR stops spinning, completely wedged! Rather than miss a failed OOTA attempt, Wedga pays a 'hello' visit to Matilda's CPZ, and without any mercy slams SOTAR into the house robot! Of course there would have been greater effect had Matilda had her rear into play, but it was the tusks that got the ring! And it's now that Wedga activates the flipper, for the first time, catapulting SOTAR on top of Matilda, and now the flywheel of Matilda hits SOTAR...on its baseplate! Tracy winces as the 5mm Ti/V is struck, but like Wedga the damage seems to be minimal, at best. Wedga backs away from the CPZ and leaves Matilda to deal with its opponent...instead going to the pit release button and smacking into it, opening the pit!

    Matilda meanwhile is still trying to get a good hold on SOTAR, having turned around to use the tusks, but the spinner managed to spin up slightly and knock itself away from the wall...Matilda has SOTAR perched precariously on the tusks...with this fragile hold, Matilda attempts to take SOTAR to the saws nearby, but finally SOTAR falls off to the side of Matilda, Tracy not happy with all that wasted time...wasted! Suddenly in comes Wedga again, having opened the pit, and before SOTAR can do a single thing has tossed it onto the arena wall! But now Matilda is in the way, and underneath Wedga's flipper with the tusks, and so shoves Wedga backwards. Not to be outdone by a house robot, Wedga pushes back with its Ampflow motors. Matilda tries to lift, but only lifts Wedga's flipper. And this results in Wedga slowly shunting Matilda towards the wall, just on the edge of the CPZ. It's here that Dead Metal makes its presence known, as it crashes into Wedga and pushes it back into SOTAR, who is still stuck on the wall. With the flipper raised, Dead Metal has got a good hold on Wedga and slowly begins to saw through the Ti/V...slowly, I say, because the saw, while creating many sparks, is not doing a damn thing at all! Now Matilda goes in with the flywheel and...tries to avoid Dead Metal's claw since it was in the way. Instead, she has another go at SOTAR and smacks directly into the spinning ring! SOTAR is knocked into the corner of the CPZ and to Dead Metal's left side, the latter now fully blocking Matilda's path to. But not for long; Dead Metal takes Wedga off to the arena kill saws being forcibly detoured by the Shrewsbury robot's drivetrain! Dead Metal tries to keep a good hold on Wedga, but it's slowly slipping, as Wedga fights furiously to free itself. And a deafening CRASH later we see that Matilda has once again nailed SOTAR and JUST BARELY NEARLY got it out, but it rolled off the arena railings and fell back in, now on its wheels!

    A vicious jerk sees Wedga escape the jaws of Dead Metal and turn directly back to the CPZ. There is a problem in the Team Alt camp though, as SOTAR is not spinning. Wedga now plows into the spinner; he gets SOTAR on an angle, but turns to get her fully wedged, and then tries for the OOTA attempt...and fails, because the flip was too early! SOTAR crashes against the wall of the CPZ, but now Dead Metal comes thundering back and clamps onto Wedga again from the back. This time, because of Wedga's angled sides, Dead Metal isn't able to get much purchase. Wedga again tries to OOTA SOTAR, but merely tosses SOTAR to the side...while Matilda has been waiting and tusks SOTAR up, and delivers it to the arena saws! They slash the 4WD of SOTAR and there is another wincing from Tracy. Meanwhile Andy and Wedga have freed themselves again from Dead Metal and now get back on SOTAR's case with a brutal ram, but forget the saws are there and take a slashing themselves! Hmm...? Ah! SOTAR has begun to spin up again! It seems the problem was only temporary and now it truly is back at full speed! No problem for Wedga though as it careens straight into SOTAR and sends it flying into the air like tossing pizza dough on a Friday night! Wedga gets in another flip while SOTAR is winded and this time it's quite near the pit! SOTAR fights to get away but Wedga fights to get it in! The end result pleases neither of them, really; SOTAR is wedged on the other side of Wedga's flipper, away from the pit. Not to be put off, Wedga flies to the wall and tries its 3rd OOTA attempt, and SOTAR bounces off the railing...and back in! That pesky ring spinner just will not go down! And now it's begun to spin back up again! A teeth-gnashing Andy drives at SOTAR again, but Tracy gets out of the charge quick enough to give Wedga a massive smack on the side, sending both robots away!

    Wedga comes back in, but it's now evident that the blows are damaging Wedga...internally! He's slowed down a bit. Most observant of this is Tracy, who now gleefully begins to spin her machine up! Wedga is still crafty enough to get SOTAR to directly hit the flipper again, and SOTAR goes straight up it! Another toss sends SOTAR straight into the claws of Dead Metal! Dead Metal easily fits his pincers around SOTAR's cylindrical frame and begins to saw away...and I fear he may break that saw, because sparks are flying but robots aren't dying yet! Wedga patiently waits for Dead Metal to finish whatever it's doing...and the damage from Dead Metal is laughable...there's barely any damage visible from that attack...or from any of Matilda's for that matter! Dead Metal releases SOTAR wistfully, but Wedga is right there with another flip, tossing SOTAR on top of Dead Metal, but it falls off to the side. Wedga moves to get around Dead Metal, but the house robot shoves him away, and SOTAR begins to spin up again! Hastily Wedga tries to chase after it, however Tracy moves straight at Wedga, and then moves off to the side, striking the flipper's side again and sending them both away for the umpteenth time. Wedga fights on, but it doesn't look like he's controlling SOTAR as good as before and SOTAR gets another shot in, directly on the side, sending them both away again! Wedga is still mobile, but another sudden hit from SOTAR smacks Wedga away - WHOA! Wedga nearly goes down the pit! But no, Wedga drives away from the pit and right back into the spinning SOTAR, who got too confident and drove straight back into the flipper! Finding itself wedged, SOTAR tries unsuccessfully to free itself, and Wedga tries to get it to the arena wall and out...what happens is Wedga fires the flipper too early again, but SOTAR gets stuck along the wall and rolls along it for a short distance.

    Determined to end this fight once and for all, Wedga gets right behind SOTAR and lets loose another massive CO2 snort, merely sending SOTAR terminal though. iIt bounces of Wedga's flipper and onto the backside...still beached! Wedga sees where this is going and backs across the arena...towards the pit again! But SOTAR again manages to evade defeat by rolling off to the side. Wedga is right there with the flipper, but the subsequent toss given is noticeably weaker than before. Still, it fazes SOTAR long enough for Wedga to take control again, and he takes SOTAR to the wall, but again fails to deliver and SOTAR escapes to the side! Now truly out of danger and seething, Tracy spins SOTAR's ring up and delivers a monstrous blow to the side of Wedga, circling around to deliver it as Wedga was turning around himself, and again!!! It's SOTAR who nearly throws itself down the pit this time! But Tracy breathes a sigh of relief, and sets back to finish What's this? It doesn't seem like Wedga is moving! Uh...up goes the flipper, so the weaponry is working...and the armour is barely damaged...but the drivetrain is unresponsive! All those hits from SOTAR must have knocked something looks like we have a winner! The Refbot comes in to count out a brave competitor.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

    And as Refbot finishes the countdown, a horrifying CRASH!!! draws our attention - SOTAR has attacked Matilda! The fibreglass shell has been all but destroyed, the flywheel grinding to a halt! Dead Metal is furious at this rebellious behaviour, but is too late to do anything as another devastating slash tears deep into Matilda's side, surely immobilizing the house robot this time! Dead Metal tackles SOTAR and clamps in, using the saw with reckless abandon...but it's SOTAR who's winning the pushing battle, amazingly! Dead Metal lets go, which may be a major mistake as SOTAR spins up again, and now heads directly for Dead Metal himself! The silver scorpion meets SOTAR head-on, and then thoroughly wishes it hadn't as Dead Metal parts fly across the arena! SOTAR goes for another onslaught, but...


    Wedga Ennea, Matilda, AND Dead Metal felt the wrath of S.O.T.A.R. v2, who moves on to Round 2!

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    With Or Without You vs. Apocalypse II

    From Enschede in the Netherlands...With Or Without You!

    A two-part clusterbot, and the second in this tournament. With You is a basic 4WD rambot with Hardox and titanium armour, and a thick scoop at the front for shoving around. Without You is a 2WD sloped/angled box with aluminium armour, but a massive titanium spinning bar which ejects 420kJ of force, but takes a long while to get there. The idea is basically With You stalls the opponent, while Without You spins up, and then moves in for the kill!

    From Cardiff in Wales...Apocalypse II!

    A Storm II-shaped 2WD flipper. It has decent power and Hardox armour with extra ti/v panelling in certain areas, but real feature is indeed the massive 4-bar full pressure flipper that can send robots flying quite a distance. There are barbs running down Apocalypse, flanking the flipper to trap opponents, so the flipper can take charge!

    Roboteers, stand by...

    The house robots today are Sir Killalot and Cassius Chrome.


    The clusterbot splits; With You and Apocalypse head right for each other while Without You begins its painstaking ascent into spinning that deadly bar to full speed! With You and Apocalypse meet nearly directly in the center of the Battlegrounds, but it's indeed Apocalypse who gets right under With You and starts to shove it backwards! Towards Without You, even! Hurriedly Martijn tries to get his other cluster out of the way, but with a sickening CRACK, the raging weapon of Without You strikes its brother's rear end! Fortunately for the pair, since Without You's weaponry was nowhere near full speed, so the effects are minimal, but it still sends them away...and With You out of the way! Apocalypse now sets its sights on the spinner, and rams into it, but With You is close behind! Apocalypse gets Without You into the wall, but With You manages to penetrate the skirts of Apocalypse and with a nasty shove throw it right up against its other half! Lian smiles though, and activates the flipper! ...well that was interesting. Without You was directly on top of Apocalypse, and the trajectory of the flip sent Without You in a terminal path while, Apocalypse being up against the wall, flew back over top of With You and settled down right behind it, and Without You comes crashing down on top of its brother! Both roboteers can't help but chuckle at that turn of events, but the situation quickly retracts into seriousness as Apocalypse gets underneath With You, Without You falling off its brother in the process, and tries the OOTA attempt again...oh goodness me, was he ever successful! With You must have flown at least 15 feet into the air! And with another CRUNCH, comes right back down on the wrong side of the fence! So now Team Varying Every Day are in trouble here, but not out, because the other cluster has to go as well!

    Realizing this, Apocalypse wheels about, to find Without You nearly fully spun up! The time it took for Apocalypse to eject With You from the arena floor and out, has allowed Without You time to spin its massively destructive blade up! Lian isn't too worried, though, and with some gusto Apocalypse hurtles headlong into the spinning blade!!!...CRASH!!! Well...that was rather epic! Without You is flung far across the arena, slamming into the arena wall, but managing to keep on its wheels in a whole package! Apocalypse is now missing a skirt having a hard time moving! An absolutely massive hit to the side must have done something to the drivetrain as well! But what's this? Without You...can't seem to spin up! Oh dear! Apocalypse wanders over to the lone cluster, but it seems that the cluster is outmanoeuvring it! Without You tries to get to the side, and does so...but only rides up the remaining side skirt! Apocalypse manages to turn...and flip! And Without You lands directly on its back! What a stunner! Without You can't self-right...and Apocalypse knows it because it starts to go into a slow victory dance! And as if to make it official, the Refbot is there with the countdown!
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!


    Apocalypse II overcomes the complex teamwork of With or Without You and is granted access to Round 2!

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    Apologies for the lengthy delay in getting this written.

    V For Vendetta vs. Gabriel V

    From Liverpool, England... V For Vendetta!

    V For Vendetta is a tough nut to crack with its 10mm thick Titanium plough, 4mm thick Hardox shell, and 6mm thick Hardox wheelguards. The robot is reasonably quick at 14mph and very manoeuvrable thanks to its angled wheels, which are powered by two A28-400 Ampflow motors. Its main weapon is a powerful pneumatic axe running at 725psi.

    From Lancaster, England... Gabriel V!

    Gabriel V is a triangular wedge shaped robot with two large ears to prevent other robots driving over the top of it. It is armoured in 4mm Hardox with a 5mm aluminium base and 10mm thick tool steel for the nose cone. It is powered by two C40-300 Magmotors to a top speed of 16mph. The main weapon is a front-hinged pneumatic flipper, but Gabriel V can also turn into a thwackbot using its two side spikes.

    Roboteers, stand by...

    The house robots for this battle will be Mr. Psycho and his pet dog Growler.

    3... 2... 1... Activate!

    Gabriel V is the first to move off, looking significantly different without its iconic ears, which have been removed for this battle. It's V For Vendetta that lands the first attack, ploughing into the side of Gabriel V before taking a swipe at the yellow robot with its powerful pneumatic axe. The unusual angled shape of Gabriel V appears to simply deflect the blow, though, and Joey drives his robot towards the centre of the arena. Both robots turn to face each other and charge forwards, but V For Vendetta cleverly swerves aside before collision, using its excellent manoeuvrability to plough under the side of Gabriel V again. Lewis tries a different approach this time, and instead of firing the axe, V For Vendetta simply forces Gabriel V across The Battlegrounds and into the CPZ occupied by Mr. Psycho!

    The goliath house robot trundles round to meet Gabriel V and unleashes his giant club... which batters against the arena floor. Joey realises that he had a narrow escape there and tries to get Gabriel V out of the CPZ as soon as possible... but V For Vendetta is there to meet it and shoves it right back into Mr. Psycho's territory! This time his accuracy is much better, and Gabriel V is rocked by a huge clubbing blow to the side. V For Vendetta follows this up with a strike of its own axe, but again the angled 4mm Hardox armour provides sufficient protection for the robot from Team Picus. Mr. Psycho looks to land another attack on Gabriel V, but the yellow and black wedge explodes out of the corner, sliding right under V For Vendetta and throws the robot from Liverpool aside with the flipper on its way out of the CPZ.

    That was the first time we have seen any sort of offence from Gabriel V in this battle so far - Joey knows his robot is on the back foot and immediately gets Gabriel V back on the attack, just as V For Vendetta self rights. Gabriel V slides the tool steel nose cone under V For Vendetta and pins it against the wall, and after a slight adjustment opens up the flipper! V For Vendetta slams hard against the arena wall but lives to fight another day. It looked as though Gabriel V was trying to throw V For Vendetta over the fence there, but the angles were always against it. That doesn't stop Joey trying again though, as Gabriel V is under again, this time throwing V For Vendetta aside back into Mr. Psycho's CPZ.

    The house robot turns, swiping V For Vendetta aside with its giant claw, which allows Lewis to get out of danger straight away. The Team Mechanical Menagerie captain decides to go for a different approach now and heads towards the pit release target. However, Joey has other ideas and attempts to block V For Vendetta off. V For Vendetta isn't going to give up that easily though and begins to shunt Gabriel V across the arena and into the pit release. With the pit beginning to descend and Gabriel V pinned against the wall, V For Vendetta fires its axe, but yet again the attack appears to be ineffective. But perhaps Lewis has something else in mind, as the axe has remained in the fired position here, and V For Vendetta is trying to grapple and turn Gabriel V. Gabriel V is fighting back, trying to gain purchase on the arena floor, but V For Vendetta is in control here and appears to be heading towards the pit... Joey decides to fire the front-hinged flipper on Gabriel V, and this turns out to be a good move, as the flipper forces V For Vendetta's axe grip to retract.

    Before Gabriel V can even think about getting away, V For Vendetta ploughs it forwards right on top of the killsaws, which immediately grind into the aluminium base of the robot from Lancaster. Gabriel V seems okay though as it begins to spin on the spot in thwackbot mode, causing V For Vendetta to back off. As Gabriel V gains momentum, V For Vendetta decides to intervene and charges in with the front plough... V For Vendetta is slapped aside by one of the side spikes on Gabriel V, but the defensive spinning has been successfully stopped. Unfortunately for V For Vendetta, it landed right on top of the killsaws, and this time it's the one that gets sliced into. This gives Gabriel V the opportunity to launch an attack, getting in behind V For Vendetta before throwing it head over heels with the flipper. Joey launches his robot in on the attack again, but Gabriel V flies right under V For Vendetta and right onto the edge of the pit!

    Gabriel V attacked with such momentum that it just brushed V For Vendetta aside, and without the distinctive ears, Joey and his robot are in real trouble here, as V For Vendetta self rights. Gabriel V just manages to steer itself away from danger as V For Vendetta shunts into it and brings down the axe! The two robots are locked together again, dangerously close to the pit, as a power struggle begins... this time it is Gabriel V that appears to have the advantage, slowly backing V For Vendetta towards the pit, and so Lewis retracts the axe and starts to force Gabriel V back again... but Gabriel V proves to be just too strong and eases V For Vendetta back once more... and into the pit!


    Gabriel V defeats V For Vendetta and completes our Round 2 line-up!

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    And with that, here's Round 2!

    Gabriel V vs. S.O.T.A.R. v2
    Pyrrha vs. Apocalypse II

    Tactics, predictions, comments 'n' all that jazz.

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    Pyrrha vs. Apocalypse II

    From Northampton, England... Pyrrha!

    Pyrrha advanced to this stage by pitting both halves of clusterbot The Alexandra Sisters: Retribution. Pyrrha will be using its lifting forks set-up again for this battle.

    From Cardiff, Wales... Apocalypse II!

    Apocalypse II also managed to defeat a clusterbot in Round 1, fighting off both parts of With Or Without You.

    Roboteers, stand by...

    Joining our two competitors in The Battlegrounds are the house robots Dead Metal and Growler.

    3... 2... 1... Activate!

    Both robots are away and begin to cautiously approach each other. It's the more manoeuvrable Apocalypse II that makes the first move, trying to attack Pyrrha side-on, but the side skirt on the English robot prevents it from getting underneath. Pyrrha tries a side-on attack of its own, but this time it is Apocalypse II's side skirt that causes a stalemate. Pyrrha backs off and attempts to get round to the rear of Apocalypse II, but again the Welsh robot uses its decent manoeuvrability to block the attempt. It's a cagey opening to this Round 2 battle, and both roboteers ponder a way of breaking the deadlock. Pyrrha tries to get around the back of Apocalypse II again, and this time it succeeds, sliding the lifting forks under the Welsh Warlords entry. Apocalypse II does its best to get away, but the lifting forks raise the front-mounted wheels off the ground as Pyrrha begins to push it across the arena, before lowering it down onto the killsaws!

    The killsaws lick the base of Apocalypse II, causing a few sparks, but it seems okay, as Liam wisely gets his robot out of trouble. Pyrrha is on the attack again though, this time getting under the torsion-sprung skirt and pushing Apocalypse II back straight into one of the Discs of Death! More sparks fly as the impact flings both robots apart. Apocalypse II has a nasty slice in the side, but again the robot seems to be unharmed internally as it goes in on the attack. Apocalypse II catches Pyrrha from the side, but the side skirt frustratingly prevents the Welsh flipper from getting under yet again. Pyrrha takes the opportunity and starts to push Apocalypse II again, this time into Dead Metal's CPZ! The house robot grips onto Apocalypse II and brings the saw blade down, causing more sparks to erupt. Liam fires the flipper in frustration, throwing the house robots upwards enough to get away from danger.

    Pyrrha is on the attack again though, trying to get under the side of Apocalypse II, but this time Apocalypse II manoeuvres aside and finally manages to breach the skirts on Pyrrha. Apocalypse II lunges forwards, and with Pyrrha trapped on the front wedge, Liam fires the flipper... and Pyrrha is out of the arena!! It all happened in a blur, but Apocalypse II only needed one chance, and despite Pyrrha's dominance, it ends the battle on the camera track.


    Apocalypse II goes through to the final!

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    soz for the delay, post-secondary education is finally approaching and I've been dealing with preparations. I'll get the next fight up some time this coming weekend

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    Gabriel V vs. S.O.T.A.R. v2

    Gabriel V will be punting the ears and skirts today.

    Roboteers, stand by...

    The house robots today will be Shunt and Mr. Psycho!


    We're off to a quick start, the deadly ring of SOTAR has reached full speed already! Gabriel V approaches quickly, but if you thought Tracy was going to sit there and let Joey crash into her, you'd be dead wrong! The durable ring spinner manoeuvres around the side of Gabriel V. Joey spins Gabriel V in an attempt to bring the nose cone to bear, but SOTAR gets in a glancing blow on the side. Due to the angle of the shot, and Gabriel's 4mm Hardox armour, it doesn't do too much, though a slight dent can be seen in the armour, but SOTAR bounces away a little bit. Of course, getting a glancing blow means that the ring has hardly stopped, and Tracy has instantly gotten her robot back up to speed! Joey is again there with the nose, but SOTAR goes the other way this time and gets in a better shot with the lower blade, this time making a bigger dent in the shell, though it is still at this point little more than superficial damage. SOTAR bounces back a bit further. Gabriel rushes in now with the nose cone, and takes a glancing blow on the cone. Around 85kJ isn't enough to really make a mark on 10mm steel let alone it being another angled shot, but SOTAR has again hardly spun down. Gabriel simply runs the cone into SOTAR's spinning ring again. Again the lower blade scarves up the cone but does little other than creating some nice sparks. The problem is that SOTAR is bouncing a bit back out of trouble every time it takes a shot on Gabriel and instantly spins back up in the miniscule time frame Gabriel rams it again, so Joey just goes in again, and SOTAR gets a major shot on the cone! Major sparks, but there's again little done to that well-armoured snout! SOTAR however has bounced quite a bit, and is not spinning now! Gabriel moves in to take advantage, but SOTAR shows that it has quite the drivetrain too and slips away before Gabriel can stick its nose into other robots' business! Gabriel isn't beaten in manoeuvrability though, and proves this by neatly sliding around using its 2 wheel drive to get right pointed at SOTAR again. However, SOTAR simply dodges Gabriel's attack! And to make matters worse, the stalled ring is stalled no longer - it's whirling about again in a freakish blur!

    Joey McConnell and Gabriel V go back to trying to catch Tracy Farber and SOTAR v2, but the Canadian spinner is proving as wily as ever, managing to JUST slip by the cone and give a glancing blow to the Hardox shell, denting that particular spot slightly. Tracy seems very worried that her attacks are not doing much to the Pontefractian flipper, but keeps with the assault. Likewise, Joey is showing concern with Gabriel V unable to properly get a good hold on the match at all. So far it has been nothing but SOTAR giving Gabriel blow after blow. And again, as Tracy gets another one over Joey and places another deflected blow on the shell. This time, however, Joey turns Gabriel V enough so that SOTAR manages to catch the nose cone at the same time. SOTAR hits one of the tool steel spikes directly, and this hit is absolutely monumental! A huge shower of sparks is given off and Gabriel is spun around, while SOTAR goes flying across the arena, and right into the arena wall! There is quite a bit of applause at this, but Tracy knows she can't sit back to admire her handywork as Gabriel is one tough nut; this is shown to be quite true as Gabriel turns right back towards the ring spinner with little damage done to the spike, possibly a slight bend maybe, and charges SOTAR! SOTAR isn't spinning again, and Tracy tries to get SOTAR away from the wall! Unfortunately, Joey takes control for the first time in this match as the nose cone wedges SOTAR and halts the offense of the Canadian spinner! He's not able to get full control though; if he tried to turn towards the pit, SOTAR would fall completely off and get away. Joey curses under his breath and resigns himself to simply taking SOTAR along the wall and right into a CPZ. Shunt is there waiting and gives SOTAR a healthy smack from the diamond-edged axe. There's naught that the axe can do, though, as 5mm of titanium/vanadium alloy would verily stand up to that just fine. Shunt decides to opt for another tactic and lifts the bucket scoop slightly, throwing SOTAR directly onto the front edge of Gabriel, almost directly on top of the flipper! SOTAR balances for the tiniest space of time, then falls off to the side of Gabriel before the flipper can be activated. She's just slightly wedged though and cannot go anywhere! Gabriel tries to turn and keep SOTAR on the sloped side, but in turning forces SOTAR off the side and completely onto her wheels! Instantly, the ring is spinning back up and Tracy repays Joey for that attack by giving Gabriel another blow to the side!

    Gabriel shrugs it off as yet again it was a glancing blow, but it's obvious that Gabriel is showing signs of external damage. There are quite a few marks on that side now, and that will definitely count against him in a judges decision. Joey is confident that Gabriel works fine internally, though, and ploughs on. He manages to get the nose cone in on SOTAR again, but SOTAR is deflected off of it by another glancing shot. I must say, the cone works great as a damage sponge, but it's not slowing SOTAR down any. Tracy tries to move around to the side again, but Joey is now stonewalling any attempt to get by the nose cone using his superior mobility - the cone takes another glancing shot (like a champ, I might add) and SOTAR pings away! SOTAR comes dangerously close to the arena saws, but happily manages to avoid them. The hazard has distracted Tracy somewhat though because Gabriel comes in without warning and nudges the spinner, taking another frontal deflection for his trouble. SOTAR shoots away, this time more like a hockey puck than anything, and sadly is unable to avoid the arena SPIKE. SOTAR gets a shot below the belt, as it were, and is flipped! Gabriel moves in quickly, taking advantage of a bad situation and gets SOTAR completely wedged on the nose cone. Tracy tries spinning up the ring, but the lower tooth is dragging on the arena floor, so no spinning up for you! Joey gets what he wanted - the pit release button. He shoves SOTAR into it, and that all-too-familiar siren we all know and dread sounds in the arena, signalling the lowering of that damned pit! Joey's action has more consequences than that, though, as SOTAR once again slides off the side of Gabriel! But with a nifty bit of driving, Gabriel j-hooks backwards and has his rear end nearly pressing into SOTAR, forcing Tracy to try and escape along the wall! SOTAR tries to squeeze by Gabriel and the pit release, but out of nowhere, seemingly, comes a nice thwack by one of the spikes, trapping SOTAR! What a brilliant strategy by Joey! SOTAR simply cannot escape and Gabriel presses further into SOTAR, wedging it onto the nose cone again! The bad news is that he's got SOTAR facing the wall again and has to settle for pushing SOTAR again into a CPZ!

    Joey thus gets SOTAR into an empty CPZ, and Shunt scoots across the arena while Mr. Psycho does his long trundle. Shunt enters the CPZ, and Gabriel backs off, just enough for Shunt to come in and scoop up SOTAR. Shunt's axe is perfectly lined up with SOTAR's tyres and Shunt takes the bait, dropping the axe into one of the tyres! And there is a great puncture! Well, that's not good! Tracy winces heavily as Shunt lifts the axe, and SOTAR is lifted with it before the axe head separates from the tyre, dropping SOTAR back down. Shunt now backs off, having had its fun, and SOTAR leaves the CPZ. However, its mobility must clearly have been weakened from that, I daresay! Gabriel is right after SOTAR, but it seems SOTAR is moving around fine because she gets in another shot at Gabriel's side! Due to all the denting up beforehand, SOTAR now gets a major shot in and makes a major dent in the Hardox. The audience holler at this, for they can clearly see the damage! Gabriel is spun away again, and nearly into the pit he opened, while SOTAR ricochets away, but not too far due to its 4 wheel drive. SOTAR spins right back up as if nothing happened, but Gabriel is right back on the warpath! SOTAR is unable to react quick enough, but deflects up the cone into one of the tool steel spikes and we have another major hit! SOTAR pings across the arena while Gabriel is violently spun around. After that we can see the said spike is completely gone! The sheer force was enough to rip it right out from its supports! The spike itself is completely unharmed, but laying some 35 feet away! Joey is none too pleased about this and moves Gabriel back towards find the spinner coming right at him! Tracy veers off to the side though and lays another smack into the side, but again it's only a glancing blow. Still, Gabriel's 4mm Hardox shell is taking a beating from these repeated smacks! The Team Picus flipper moves back towards SOTAR, but SOTAR just does not want to co-operate with Gabriel's plans and keeps making for the sides! Thanks to its drivetrain SOTAR is relatively agile for a ring spinner, but Gabriel is no slouch and is doing all it can.

    And Gabriel sees SOTAR miss its side chance and settle for a frontal attack, nicking the nose cone. Only this time the resultant deflection has SOTAR bounce nearly terminal, hit the arena floor while still spinning and dig into the floor with its bottom tooth! With a rather nasty CRASH, SOTAR goes pinballing away and Gabriel chases after it! SOTAR stops just short of the flame pit and luckily misses out on being fried sunny-side-up! She's definitely not spinning though, and Gabriel makes the matter worse, and screams into it with the nose cone! It shoves SOTAR about and tries to turn to get it in line with the pit, but SOTAR teeters onto the spikeless side of the nose cone. Seeing an opportunity nonetheless, Joey spins Gabriel on one wheel about into nearly a 360, keeping SOTAR just that bit wedged, and manages to get in line with the pit!! Tracy is now panicked and tries to get SOTAR's ring spinning but it's a no-go! However, as Gabriel moves forward, SOTAR slides back up the side of the wedge a bit! Joey isn't liking this and tries slowly moving over towards the pit, hoping that SOTAR won't get dislodged. Inch by inch they get closer to the pit. Then suddenly SOTAR's currently-static bottom blade catches the arena floor, moving SOTAR further back along the side of Gabriel! Joey groans, but tries again. He spins Gabriel again on one wheel into almost a 360, making sure that SOTAR is still wedged, and now kind of has SOTAR in line with the pit. It is now clear to Tracy what Joey's plan is; once they get close enough to the side of the pit, Gabriel will shake SOTAR off his sloped side and SOTAR will fall into the pit! The problem is, SOTAR is rapidly slipping off the side of Gabriel! Abandoning all pretence, Joey guns it towards the side of the pit, but fortune does not ride shotgun with Team Picus today - SOTAR falls off the side JUST as Gabriel is inches from the edge of the pit and gets her wheels back on solid ground! Elated with relief, Tracy moves SOTAR away to spin her spinning ring to maximum deadly speeds!

    The captain of Team Picus is enraged thus, and turns to charge down the Canadian spinner! We have returned yet again to square one as Tracy dodges past a Gabriel charge and smacks the same side of the yellow 'bot for yet another minisucle dent in the side, not doing internal damage but scoring many points for that alone! SOTAR is deflected away again though and Gabriel rampages towards it, only to get a nose cone blow for its efforts as SOTAR simply spun up too fast. Of course, this sends SOTAR away again but SOTAR keeps spinning. Gabriel keeps the assault up, but can't stave SOTAR away completely and takes another side shot; SOTAR catching the major dent it made before and now finally a small tear can be espied in the shell of Gabriel! SOTAR is launched away like a frisbee by its own recoil and Gabriel is twirled about like a bedraggled rat! SOTAR is moving in for yet another attack - Gabriel simply cannot permanently halt SOTAR's spinning ring! He does manage to get in the way of SOTAR's plans though and shoves his nose into that lower blade, sending SOTAR bounding into the air somewhat. SOTAR bounces over the arena saws and unfortunately they are not so kind and send SOTAR back towards Gabriel. SOTAR however by-passes Gabriel as Joey tries to wedge her, and moves to spin up! Gabriel is after her like white on rice and manages to catch up, taking another deflected nose shot and bounding SOTAR into the arena wall, and right into Mr. Psycho's CPZ! Not a good place to be Miss Farber! Mr. Psycho brings that massive, massive hammer down on SOTAR before the uber-spinner can escape - or attempt to, but Gabriel is too quick and is able to wedge SOTAR again, but only into the house robot! Gabriel doesn't have the best of choices to go to, now - he can't turn towards the pit with Mr. Psycho in the way. So he contents himself with letting Mr. Psycho hammer away onto the armourment of SOTAR... that's not too good, that could cause some real external damage!


    Oh my! Is it near the end already?! Another knock from Psycho knocks SOTAR off of Gabriel. SOTAR tries to spin up and move away but Gabriel is on her case too quickly!


    Gabriel gets the nose cone directly underneath SOTAR and high-centers the Team Alt spinner. SOTAR starts to once again fall off to the side though.


    Gabriel once again makes a run for the pit! This time SOTAR is pinioned by the remaining spike!!!


    OH WOW!!! That was a rather haphazard move! Gabriel actually threw itself down the pit first!!! That would have ended badly if that had been on time! But Gabriel survives to the judges decision!

    And speaking of which...

    Gabriel V - S.O.T.A.R. v2

    Strategy = 5/5 - 0/5 (Gabriel's strategies may have only worked somewhat, but it worked. SOTAR had hardly any plan and only had one mundane strategy, which sometimes failed. Gabriel gets full marks)
    Style = 2/10 - 8/10 (SOTAR's creation of all those sparks was sure impressive. Gabriel gets some points for its constant method of attack though, which was somewhat stylish)
    Control = 8/15 - 7/15 (Fairly even. Gabriel edges it though because it was both in control for slightly more of the fight, and seemed slightly better controlled in drive)
    Aggression = 14/20 - 6/20 (easily Gabriel. Gabriel constantly dogged SOTAR around the arena. SOTAR however keeps the points respectable for aggressively and successfully attacking Gabriel's sides throughout the match)
    Damage = 3/25 - 22/25 (SOTAR trumps this category. It caused quite a bit of external damage to Gabriel and even completely ripped off a spike. Some points go to Gabriel however when he got SOTAR into the CPZ and Shunt punctured SOTAR's tyre)

    TOTAL = 32/75 - 43/75

    Gabriel V gets ousted by the tempest that is S.O.T.A.R. v2! She advances to the Final!

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