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Thread: AndyJJ and Sharky66's Tournament

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    This is going forward, I swear it. However, my computer's started to crash and restart a lot, including three straight times today. I have no idea what's going on, but I'm going to get to the bottom of it. But for now, expect things to flow slowly until I do.

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    seen as it has a new CAD I'll go for V for Vendetta

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    Right, found the problem. Soz about that.

    And with that, I think our line-up is filled.

    - The Alexandra Sisters (Kody)
    - Wedga Ennea (AJ)
    - (reserved; Joey)
    - SOTAR v2 (Tracy)
    - With Or Without You (Martijn)
    - Apocalypse II (Liam)
    - (reserved; Lian)
    - V for Vendetta (Lewis)

    So...just need entries from Joey and Lian, then we're on our way.

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    Gabriel V please

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    I'll have Pyrrha please

    Stats on ZED

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    Right, now just waiting on Joey.

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    ... *facepalm*

    Wow Joey, sorry for not seeing your post directly above Lian's. I guess that means we have all entrants though.

    Again, apologies for the confusion. The line-ups will be posted in a bit by Mr. Andrew Jackson.

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    Gabriel is really not ideal for V for Vendetta at all... but I'll try to at least give him a good run for his money. Tactics are to open the pit and try and grapple him. Use the axe to do this and use my plough to try and get under him and pit him/push him into the house robots. If I get an opportunity I'll try and do some damage too.

    I'd like to try and take him to a judge's decision at least seen as I can't see him getting me OOTA and my self-righting is good. Avoid being pitted myself if I can of course :P

    Good luck Joey!

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    I'll predict/post tactics for matches I'm not writing. :P

    The Alexandra Sisters vs. Pyrrha

    .................................................. .....

    Lian doesn't say the lifting forks can work inverted. He also doesn't state what the skirts are made of :P so I'll have the Sisters swarm the sides, get under them via the skirts, and flip Sophie's spawn over. After that, it should be a piece of cake; Py shouldn't be able to right itself with those forks.

    If it turns out the forks do work inverted, I'll have the Sisters wedge Py and take her to a damaging house robot, preferably Matilda because I know she can cause some good damage to titanium (Wheely Big Cheese in Ex 1 ) and 4mm of it is not a lot these days. After that, pit, or OOTA if I'm feeling gutsy enough.

    V For Vendetta vs. Gabriel V

    ...god knows. :P Don't think the axe will do too much to Gabriel though, so maybe Gabriel on a JD.

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