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Thread: Near Chaos Robotics

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    Figured I'd give a little background since I've been posting here lately.

    Got started around 2001, first functional bot was finished in 2002 just in time for Battlebots to get canceled, it ended up never getting used, built a few US ants and finished up a LW for Robogames in 2006 after spending three years heading up the design & building group for a USFirst robotics team.

    Ruiner, LW angled bar spinner-

    After that, I was working on a redesign for Ruiner and built a Hobbyweight robot Apollyon.

    Apollyon currently has a 16-5 record across three versions and two weight classes. Videos are at ... e=view_all

    I ended up deciding to drop Ruiner to the featherweight class as the nearest events ran feathers as their largest class. It was renamed Mr. Self Destruct and was planned to attend an event in October, 2011. The week before the event Mr. Self Destruct self destructed in testing:

    Best I can recall, the wheels at the back resulted in the nose lifting off the ground from the gyro forces and it twisted the chassis and ripped itself apart.

    I started the rebuild in mid december and redesigned the robot. It was also time for a new name that was slightly less prophetic.

    It now competes as Moros and has a 2-2 record. Video can be seen here: ... e=view_all

    I also built a US ant for my girlfriend to drive at Motorama that goes by Kobalos: ... e=view_all

    I have since taken over driving duties as she now has a robot of her own design, Motor City Massacre: ... e=view_all

    My next robot is being built in the coming weeks for the NERC 30lb Sportsman class and Dragon*Con robot battles, both of which outlaw high energy spinning weapons. (Sportsman also outlaws wedges)

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    Everything for the chassis besides the top armor (which will be determined once the rest is built/weighed) arrived today:

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    Precision engineering if ever I saw it!

    Good thing you live where you do. :wink:

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    Here's what I got done today-

    -Image removed due to it apparently being replaced on the server it was hosted on-

    Weight is 28lbs, 13.4oz with the battery, speed controllers and all the remaining fasteners, leaving 1lb 2.6oz for the top armor, rx and a bit of wire.
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    Brilliant. Looks like it went together like lego!

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    Cool, still planning on having interchangeable weapons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny
    Cool, still planning on having interchangeable weapons?
    Yep, in addition to that flipper I've got a lifting spike and a setup with dual grinding disks (400rpm) that should be ready for the next event.

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    that looks brill.

    Roaming Robots

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    It LIVES!

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