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Thread: Near Chaos Robotics

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    Here's the whole fleet for Motorama:

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    Thanks. Also, I put together a fairly detailed build instructable at

    With enough time/money you could build an exact replica of Nyx from that report. I've got .dxf's of all of the custom machined parts linked in the report.

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    Motor City Massacre: 1-2, still working but probably getting a complete redesign/rebuild. My girlfriend wants something more destructive.

    Kobalos: 6-2, placed second. Looking pretty rough but still running. I'm thinking it's new bot time.

    Moros: 0-2, two self induced knockouts. Was still working, then I did a demo with a printer and managed to eject my motor controllers. I also managed to knock the magnets loose in my magmotor and bend a few frame rails. Oops.

    Nyx: 2-2, performed pretty well. One loss was due to the drive motor wires unsoldering themselves, the other was my opponent balancing me on the wall. Overall, it did great and will be getting a few upgrades before Dragon*Con

    Apollyon: 4-0, 12lb champion. It worked perfectly all weekend.

    Also snagged the Best Driver award.

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    Nicely done, congratulations on the award, looks like it was worthy.
    Very impressed you managed to run so many robots at one event!
    I get my hands tied with one!

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    Finally got around to adding a torque limiter to the weapon system, seems to do the trick-

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    Impressive. Using a torque limiter is a neat alternative to worrying about limit switches.
    I wonder if the clutch build into the Dewalt gearboxes would be up to much? What are you using?

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    The dewalt clutch might have worked, but the motor mounts I'm using (team delta) eliminate the clutch from the design and I would have to do a major rework to get that functional again.

    I'm using a Dalton OSD225 torque limiter with a 22 tooth #35 sprocket- ... ce/pn-2032?

    It's also on McMaster-Carr as #'s 6524K11 and 6525K11

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