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Thread: Near Chaos Robotics

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    Is that a drum on the front, something is sparking, but the 'mood' lighting makes it hard to see.

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    The BR-XL controllers have an active braking option and caused the sparking. I've switched it to passive braking and it's not nearly as bad now. I've got three weapon options at the moment,the dual hinged lifting arm that's in the picture I posted earlier, an actuated ramming spike and a dual bladed grinding/lifting disk.

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    I daresay, that thing looks positively sweet.

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    Thanks, once I've got the top armor on I'll get some video of the weapon(s) in action. The other two weapons should be about done with heat treating, so they'll be shipping very soon.

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    29lb 14.8oz

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    Looks amazingly well engineered.

    What is the top armour made of, and how did you colour it?

    Need to see some videos of the weapons in action, can't make out how they work.

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    Think it might resemble Sewer Snake's?

    Either way, it looks brilliant! Looking forward to some video. Seems to have gone together very quickly.

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    The top armor is 1/8 6061, and the paint job was just spray paint and masking tape.

    The flipper attachment works the same way sewer snakes does, at least in theory. I should be able to get video in the next few days.

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    Nicely done, look forward to the video.

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    Weapon testing:

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