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Thread: Near Chaos Robotics

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    The arm floats, so more in the clamp/crush end of things. The idea with the floating arm is that even if the opponent is awkwardly shaped it'll give a much better chance to keep all of my wheels on the ground for better drive/pushing.

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    Pretendobot Crusher Edition:

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    Figure there's a 50% chance it'll be done by Maker Faire Atlanta the weekend of October 4th.

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    Test of the crusher attachment on Nyx. I'm not cranking it up to full force as I don't want to risk damaging the armor on Spanky. What this video does show is how the floating arm functions. The goal of the arm design was that it'd be able to deal with a range of chassis heights without lifting any of its own wheels off the ground in the process.

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    That is extremely cool.

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    Spent today working on the hammer. Running at <30A per half of the mag (55-60A max current) it was nearly able to punch through 1/8" 5052 alu. Initial functionality tests are going to be done at lower power just to make sure everything's tracking properly. Competition settings will be 65-70A limit per half, so in the neighborhood of 130-140A.

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