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Thread: Near Chaos Robotics

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    Looks scary, where does the weapon motor go?

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    That . Is . Awesome

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    Weapon motor for the chainsaw will be positioned similarly to the circular saw motor, the shaft that's there is a placeholder until the motor/gearbox arrives.

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    Test spin of the chainsaw attachment:

    Real gearboxes should ship mid week, which means I may have it properly working by next weekend.

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    Finished up the last of the work on the active weapons today. The weight with the circular saw is 29lb 10.8oz and the weight with the chainsaw is 29lb 5.8oz. The axe attachment is done, and there's just a bit left to do on the hammer.

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    I've been working on designing a new Nyx for Motorama 2015. It might get done in time for Dragon Con, but I'm planning to take my time and do it right.




    The core concept is that the ~17lb base platform can have the weapon modules quickly swapped to adapt to the arena/opponent of the moment. My target is a changeover time of under 5 minutes between bot on the table and bot ready to fight again with fresh batteries.

    Lifter runs a DeWut in low with an additional 9:1 reduction to a ~23" arm.

    Hammer runs an a28-150 Ampflow with 18:1 reduction to a 14.5" arm mounted via a 60ft-lb torque limiting clutch.

    Crusher runs dual Gimson GLA750-S's current limited to ~500lbf each. With the effective reduction due to the linkage I'm anticipating approximately 670lbf at the tip of the claw.

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    Axe attachment is pretty much ready to go-

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    Video from Clash of the Bots 2014 is up and has been sorted into convenient playlists for easy viewing:




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