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Thread: Dutch Robot Games 2012 calendar.

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    Any UK peeps going to this, or just the RoboChallenge guys?

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    Booked the ferry and hotel today, ferry was only £25 return! looking forward to coming. Dont think Predator will make it due to the timing now but Venom and Cpt Scarlett will be there. May see what else we can bring.

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    The event was great, a big thank you to James for bringing over Venom, Predator, and Captain Scarlet. It has been a lot of fun.

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    Did Predator run?

    Any vids? Found this one of Venom:

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    Predator did a test run, no fights.

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    Thanks, any vids?

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    Just got back off holiday, Really enjoyed this event thank you very much for putting it on. Great to meet old friends and many new ones.

    Venom broke its neck in its first battle, far too much power for that arm and completely bent it. We did straighten it out for that second battle but as soon as any load went on it just bent again. Ran some initial tests on Predator. First tests with the disc at full speed seem positive, its really nice to drive. You just cant spin up to full speed straight away because it flips its self over but other than that even with the disc tilted right forward it seemed nice. Thank you everyone for putting on the event and all the kind words about my machines. Hope to come to another one soon.

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    just added a Predator test vid to the build section.

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