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Thread: LittleBig Robot Wars

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    After watching Will's video i thought id show everyone what ive been making this week. Using LittleBigPlanet 2 im trying to make a top down simulator of robot wars. Currently ive made 4 robots, 2 house robots and the arena. Hopfully ill be finished by the new year and it will be online for people to play in up to 4 people annihalators€‹watch?v=0dXyA7b72L4

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    Just stumbled across this, sounds intriguing, but the link doesn't work unfortunately.

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    fixed the link, I would love to have this

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    Ive only just found out the link was broken. Ive acturly finished and published the full version of this now. Since no one replied i didnt make a video, but i will make one, and upload it tomorrow.

    Just before i do ill give you guys a quick run through of the full version.

    8 playable robots (Currently)
    These are Tornado, Hypno-Disc, T-Bone, Tiny Toon (upscaled), Revolutionist, 101, Storm 2, and Fluffy.
    4 Cameo appearences from Ripper, Plunderbird 4, Stinger, and X terminator.
    2 working house robots Dead Metal and Sgt Bash
    Fulling working pit
    Fully working flame pit
    Fully working drop zone which drops bombs.
    Customisable and origional battle music.

    Theres also a full mock up of the pits, with some recognisable people within, such as Mike Onslow.

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    Ive made a video if you guys wanna have a look

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    Impressive, your attention to detail and level of effort is crazy!

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    I have played Little Big Planet 1 extensively, I almost bought LBP2, I realise now I should have bought it. I can tell LBP2 is far more advanced than LBP1, and LBP1 can do some amazing things. Really awesome work man, really really cool. If I ever get the game I will be sure to play!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ-27
    Impressive, your attention to detail and level of effort is crazy!
    Thanks, each robot took me at least an hour to create and then get them to work. Some robots such as the revolutionist took me 3 hours, while some others didnt make the game since i couldnt make a recreation which i thought complimented the maker of the robot. Infact several robots where designed and then scrapped. One notable example was Thunder (Techno games version of Lightning) who i spent two hours on just asthetics before deciding to cut it. Even fluffy was redisigned twice.

    I always like to make sure the little things are there, because i not only love what i do so much, but because i showed a few of the designs to the robots creators, and i wanted to be as good as possible. Thats why T-Bone Has all its origional stickers put on it. Its also why Tiny toon took around 20 minutes just to put its colour scheme on, if you look closly, all the letters are in the right place compared to the strips, and it has the exact same amount of strips.

    To Relentless, its not a game worth getting if you have LBP1, personally i find that better. Only if your into creating should you get LBP2

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