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Thread: Suicidal Tendencies

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    anyone know what ever happened to the bot after series 5 when the team split?

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    not seen Richard for ages, last event i think they came to was in 2002. Last event where they ran it was at our first event in 2001 and it blew up, dont think its ran since.

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    flippin hell its been a while

    i wonder what has happened to it since?

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    Richard was on about bringing one back, but he then got distracted by his Delorean.

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    Isn't there a video somewhere on Youtube of them testng what would have been the new ST crusher?

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    ive contacted what i believe is the captain so we shall see

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    Ed Hoppit from the Storm 2 team was a team member in Series 5, I believe he might know but I'm not sure.
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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