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Thread: Gimson Robotics

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    We're relaunching this Friday with a product you roboteers (and other hobbyists) may be interested in-

    Keep your eyes on for details

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    Think I've still got some of the wheels and drill motors (and promotional stickers!) kicking about that I bought when the store was online last time (2006-ish?)

    Those new drives look interesting though. Aluminium drill gearboxes? Contemplated looking at getting some of them made (as I'm getting fed up with the plastic ones) but never got round to it.

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    Did make a series of ali drillgearboxes in 2002.

    After evaluation, the efford doesn't compare to the result.

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    Good to hear Jamie- can barely remember last time around, think it must've been 2007 but what seems like a long time ago regardless!

    They're predominately Nylon 6, very tough but much easier to machine as well as being less dense affording a more voluminous and supportive enclosure. All details will be up on Friday!

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    The Plastic mount is very similar to a design I put together for Bitza 2. Although obviously no where near as well engineered.....

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    Is the gearbox going to have a left and right version, that reverses the direction of rotation? To counter the fact that most drill motors are designed to spin one way faster than the other.

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    ill be ordering a pair of those from you ASAP, they look fantastic and i want something high quality so i dont have too keep replacing them

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    Website is now up! (refresh your browser if the old page is still showing)

    In response to PJ the motors are neutrally timed, they're 550 type motors not normally found in cheap drills.

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    2 ordered

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