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    According to the Bristol Bot Builders UK calendar, https://bristolbotbuilders.com/calendar.html there may be a RoboDojo FW Sportsman event at the end

    voyanuitoa Yesterday, 22:36 Go to last post


    I dont think there is a scheduled event in the UK yet that is for Feathers. However, the additon of the BBB sportsman arena for feathers should add some

    Roboteernat Yesterday, 22:01 Go to last post
    Team Gremlin


    Evening all, does any one know of any up coming featherweight comps happening anytime soon?

    Cheers lukas.

    Team Gremlin Yesterday, 20:23 Go to last post

    BotFest 4 (25th April 2020)

    OK, so I've heard back from the church and they are OK with this. Details to follow shortly.

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 10:14 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    Something like neophyte, that kind of box two wheel lifter, but plan to make it out of hdpe but try to make it compact for Armour.


    BCartz 10th August 2020, 11:52 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    Hi there! You sound like you're in a very similar position to the one I was in back in 2017. When I started out, I only really had a drill and some basic

    Shooty 10th August 2020, 09:59 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    threaded inserts work fine for lids just nothing that will be taking spinner hits, so main frame, Armour panels etc another method is using threaded aluminum

    Maxamuslead 10th August 2020, 08:21 Go to last post

    FW- Crash Course

    Personally, I use threaded inserts for the lid of my FW these days but you could use barrel nuts I am sure.

    Ocracoke 10th August 2020, 00:05 Go to last post