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Too many choices!

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I have been reading Ant threads recently.

There are too many choices. There are so many cool ants out there and they look cheap to make. They are definitely on my to do list. But I have to keep focused and finish a Beetle and a Feather as I originally planned.

I am ironing out the issues I had discovered in rendering the Beetle "Evil K'Weevil" in CAD. Initial design was over weight, with the original shape the surface area (so armour required) was too large, to accommodate the drill motor, gears and clutch. I also realised this was going to take too much weight too. So the whole weapon assembly was remodelled, and the then the chassis back half remodelled. Height was also reduced from ~4" to ~3", but changing the rear actually increased the usable internal space for batteries and electronics.

Not sure I am totally finished with the weapon design. I like it,a lot! But it's a custom part and may be too much for me. I would still prefer to use off the shelf corer's and 'bits', being able to swap them out easily and even optimise based on an opponent would be great. Perhaps I will just have to see if I could scale up the interchangeable original design to be a feather version.

Probably won't be able to build anything until after New Year due to family commitments but going to keep buying bits and pieces in the mean time. Also want to finalise the floor plan so I get the metal I need ordered, so I can really get going in 2018.

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