• Bristol Bot Builders - Beetleweights 2018

    Bristol Bot Builders Beetleweight competition 2018 - Hosted at the University of West England.

    Competition Format:

    3 way melees from which 1 robot goes through to the heat semi final. Losers go through to a 1v1 "redemption" battle en route to the semi final. Knockout from then on till the overall final.

    —HEAT 1—
    Zero Gravitas vs Beetlejuice vs Snappy (Winner)
    Maximum Ogredrive (Winner) vs Good Boi vs 8Bit Warrior

    Zero Gravitas vs Good Boi (Winner)
    8Bit Warrior vs Beetlejuice (Winner)

    Snappy vs Good Boi
    Maximum Ogredrive (Winner) vs Beetlejuice

    Maximum Ogredrive vs Snappy (Winner)

    —HEAT 2—
    Nom Nom! 2 vs Swag Demon (Winner) vs R.P.M
    Pinwheel 3 vs Chops vs Hard Knox (Winner)

    Nom Nom! 2 (Winner) vs Pinwheel 3
    R.P.M (Winner) vs Chops

    R.P.M vs Swag Demon (Winner)
    Hard Knox (Winner) vs Nom Nom! 2

    Note: Swag Demon withdrew due to fight damage, R.P.M goes through

    R.P.M (Winner) vs Hard Knox

    —HEAT 3—
    Claws 2 (Winner) vs Rev 2.2
    K2 vs Limpet (Winner)

    K2 (Winner) vs Claws 2
    Limpet (Winner) vs Rev 2.2

    Limpet (Winner) vs K2

    —HEAT 4—
    Ion (Winner) vs SCD
    Sir Lance-a-Frog vs SUBOT (Winner)

    SCD vs Sir Lance-a-Frog (Winner)

    Note: SUBOT withdraws

    Ion vs Sir Lance-a-Frog (Winner)

    R.P.M (Winner) vs Sir Lance-a-Frog
    Snappy vs Limpet (Winner)

    3rd Place Playoff:
    Sir Lance-a-Frog vs Snappy (Snappy)

    Limpet (Winner) vs R.P.M

    Tournament video available at - https://youtu.be/N0MMdyVBNk8