• Fighting Robots Association Beetleweight Championships 2018

      Fighting Robots Association Beetleweight Championship 2018
      Hosted by Kinematic Events
      Competition Format:

      Heats: 3 way melees from which 1 goes through. Losers go into melees from which 2 go through.

      Second Round: 3 way melees, from which 1 goes through.

      Straight knockout till Finals

      RPM (Winner) vs I2 vs Rev 3
      Catalyst (Winner) vs Big Drive Energy vs Ankle Biter 2
      Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs K2 vs TN3PP
      Puns&Roses (Winner) vs Rattler vs 7th Circle
      Attitude Adjuster (Winner) vs Shu!
      Drizzle (Winner) vs Royal Fail
      Chops 2 IT! (Winner) vs SCD vs Deadpan
      The Berg (Winner) vs Bourbon vs Similar Flipping Idea
      Gutter Rat (Winner) vs Ascension vs The Dervish
      Spinza (Winner) vs Volta
      Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Sir Lance-a-Frog vs Dr. Thawkenstein
      X-301 (Winner) vs Overdrive 11

      Losers melees
      Rattler (Winner) vs Rev 3 (Winner) vs Big Drive Energy vs K2
      I2 (Winner) vs Ankle Biter 2 (Winner) vs Shu!
      Royal Fail (Winner) vs TN3PP (Winner) vs 7th Circle
      Deadpan (Winner) vs Bourbon (Winner)
      Sir Lance-a-Frog (Winner) vs Similar Flipping Idea (Winner) vs SCD vs Overdrive 11

      Second round
      Royal Fail (Winner) vs Puns&Roses vs TN3PP
      Catalyst (Winner) vs RPM vs Ankle Biter 2
      Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs Rattler
      Drizzle (Winner) vs Attitude Adjuster vs I2
      Spinza (Winner) vs Gutter Rat vs The Dervish
      X-301 (Winner) Sir Lance-a-Frog vs Bourbon
      Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs The Berg vs Chops 2
      Deadpan (Winner) vs Similar Flipping Idea

      Quarter Finals
      Royal Fail (Winner) vs Catalyst
      Limpet XS 1 (Winner) vs Drizzle
      X-301 (Winner) vs Spinza
      Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Deadpan

      Royal Fail (Winner) vs Limpet XS 1
      X-301 (Winner) vs Limpet XS 2

      3rd place playoff
      Limpet XS 2 (Winner) vs Limpet XS 1

      X-301 (Winner) vs Royal Fail

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      I am so done with Roboclaws. The 30A replacement just isn't playing ball at all, claiming motor 2 (the left one as you look at it

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      I had originally planned to retire this robot owing to the fact that I wanted to get Kaizen 2.0 built but a minor change in circumstances

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