• Fighting Robots Association Heavyweight Championships 2007

    The 2007 Heavyweight Championships hosted by Roaming Robots from 28th-31st August at Hafan Y Mor Holiday park, Wales.

    Big Nipper
    Das Gepack
    Edge Hog
    Iron-Awe 3
    Iron-Awe 5
    Leveller 2 Mk4
    Tilly Ewe 2
    Tough As Nails

    The competition had 8 seeded robots mainly due to performance in events with the exception of Turbulence being the top seed due to it being the defending champion.

    1. Turbulence
    2. Iron-Awe 3
    3. Kan-Opener
    4. Big Nipper
    5. Terrorhurtz
    6. Dantomkia
    7. Ripper
    8. Beast

    Competition Format
    The 24 robots were split into 8 heats of 3 where in each heat, they fought in one-on-one battles in a league system with the highest point scorers of each heat going through to the finals. Because 12 were needed for the finals, the robots that finished second in their respected heats fought in two 4-way losers melee battles and two would go through from each to join the other 8 heat winners. The 12 robots in the finals would then battle it out to determine the 2007 Heavyweight UK Champion.

    Heat A
    Robots: Turbulence, Tough As Nails & Ka-Pow!
    Turbulence Vs Tough As Nails
    Tough As Nails Vs Ka-Pow!
    Ka-Pow! Vs Turbulence

    Heat Final
    Turbulence Vs Tough As Nails

    Heat Winner: Turbulence

    Heat B
    Robots: Big Nipper, Envy & Leveller 2 Mk4
    Big Nipper Vs Envy
    Envy Vs Leveller 2 Mk4
    Leveller 2 Mk4 Vs Envy

    Heat Winner: Big Nipper

    Heat C
    Robots: Iron-Awe 3, Tilly Ewe 2 & Iron-Awe 5
    Tilly Ewe 2 Vs Iron-Awe 5
    Tilly Ewe 2 Vs Iron-Awe 3
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Iron-Awe 3

    Heat Winner: Iron-Awe 5

    Heat D
    Robots: Beast, Tiberius & Tanglefoot
    Beast Vs Tanglefoot
    Tanglefoot Vs Tiberius
    Beast Vs Tiberius

    Heat Winner: Tiberius

    Heat E
    Robots: Kan-Opener, Das Gepack & Thor
    Kan-Opener Vs Das Gepack
    Thor Vs Das Gepack
    Kan-Opener Vs Thor

    Heat Winner: Kan-Opener

    Heat F
    Robots: Dantomkia, Scorpion & Edge Hog
    Dantomkia Vs Scorpion
    Edge Hog Vs Scorpion
    Edge Hog Vs Dantomkia

    Heat Winner: Dantomkia

    Heat G
    Robots: Terrorhurtz, Velocirippa & Infinity
    Terrorhurtz Vs Velocirippa
    Infinity Vs Terrorhurtz
    Terrorhurtz Vs Infinity

    Heat Winner: Terrorhurtz

    Heat H
    Robots: Ripper, Obsidian & Hive
    Obsidan Vs Hive
    Ripper Vs Hive
    Ripper Vs Obsidian

    Heat Winner: Ripper

    Loser's Melees
    Envy Vs Tough As Nails Vs Das Gepack Vs Velocirippa
    Beast Vs Ka-Pow! Vs Obsidian Vs Scorpion

    Round 1
    Turbulence Vs Tiberius
    Terrorhurtz Vs Kan-Opener - Kan-Opener was so damaged it couldn't fight in the loser's melee
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Big Nipper
    Dantomkia Vs Velocirippa
    Envy Vs Ripper
    Beast Vs Ka-Pow!

    Loser's Melees
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Tiberius
    Velocirippa Vs Envy Vs Ka-Pow!

    Turbulence Vs Iron-Awe 5
    Beast Vs Big Nipper
    Ripper Vs Terrorhurtz
    Dantomkia Vs Ka-Pow!

    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Big Nipper
    Terrorhurtz Vs Dantomkia

    3rd-place Playoff
    Iron-Awe 5 Vs Dantomkia

    Big Nipper Vs Terrorhurtz

    2007 Heavyweight UK Champion: Big Nipper
    Second Place: Terrorhurtz
    Third Place: Iron-Awe 5