• Fighting Robots Association Heavyweight Championships 2004

    The 2004 Heavyweight Championships hosted by Roaming Robots.

    The competition had 6 seeds based on performance in previous events.

    1. Ewe 2
    2. Mute
    3. Revolution 3
    4. Big Nipper
    5. Kan-Opener
    6. Thor

    Competition Format
    There was four rounds where the robots did a series of melees and one-on-one battles, the robots with the most wins and with a good performance rating went through to the finals to fight in a knock-out competition.

    Winners names are in bold

    Round 1 - Newport Sept 18th/19th
    Terrorhurtz Vs Kan-Opener
    Mute Vs Thor Vs Storm 2
    Ewe 2 Vs Behemoth Vs Revolution 3 Vs St. Agro
    Ripper Vs Kronic
    Big Nipper Vs Terrorhurtz
    Kronic Vs Kan-Opener Vs Taurus
    Ripper Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Merlin
    Big Nipper Vs Taurus Vs Kronic
    Dantomkia Vs Ripper
    Chompalot Vs Storm 2
    Chompalot Vs Mighty Mouse
    Terrorhurtz Vs Big Nipper Vs Air Vs Revolution 3

    Round 2 - Edinburgh Oct 2nd/3rd
    Ripper Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Dantomkia Vs Big Nipper
    Dantomkia Vs Mute Vs Storm 2
    Ewe 2 Vs Ripper Vs Merlin
    Thor Vs Revolution 3 Vs Mighty Mouse
    Dantomkia Vs Chompalot Vs Storm 2 Vs Big Nipper
    Terrorhurtz Vs Mute Vs Kan-Opener
    Merlin Vs Kan-Opener Vs Mute Vs Chompalot
    Ripper Vs Mighty Mouse Vs Mute
    Kan-Opener Vs Storm 2 Vs Merlin
    Dantomkia Vs Thor
    Ewe 2 Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Chompalot Vs Velocirippa

    Round 3 - Worcester Oct 16th/17th
    Merlin Vs Storm 2 Vs Reptirron the 2nd Vs Mute
    Kronic Vs Dantomkia Vs Judge Shred 4
    Mute Vs Thor Vs Dantomkia
    Kronic Vs Ewe 2 Vs Scrap Dragon Vs Chompalot
    Big Nipper Vs Ripper Vs Iron-Awe 2
    Ripper Vs Terrorhurtz
    Merlin Vs Storm 2 Vs Kronic Vs Chompalot
    Terrorhurtz Vs Bulldog Breed Vs Merlin
    Storm 2 Vs Mighty Mouse

    Round 4 - King's Lynn Oct 30th/31st
    Chompalot Vs Grim Reaper Vs Weird Alice Vs Gravity
    Kan-Opener Vs Toxic Vs Pressure Vs Big Nipper
    Merlin Vs Gravity Vs Chompalot
    Dantomkia Vs Reptirron the Second Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Iron-Awe 2
    Terrorhurtz Vs Weird Alice 2 Vs Ewe 2
    Ripper Vs Pressure Vs Toxic
    Kan-Opener Vs Reptirron the Second Vs Ripper
    Merlin Vs Scorpion Vs Ewe 2 Vs Mighty Mouse
    Ripper Vs Pressure Vs Toxic 2 Vs Velocirippa
    Kronic Vs Thor Vs Toxic
    Terrorhurtz Vs Hades Vs Gravity
    Merlin Vs Big Nipper Vs Weird Alice
    Taurus Vs Velocirippa Vs Iron-Awe 2
    Kronic Vs Ewe 2 Vs Chompalot
    Terrorhurtz Vs Kronic

    Finals - Doncaster Nov 27th/28th

    Tenth place qualifier
    Big Nipper Vs Merlin

    Round 1
    Chompalot Vs Terrorhurtz
    Ripper Vs Kronic
    Dantomkia Vs Mute
    Storm 2 Vs Velocirippa
    Ewe 2 Vs Big Nipper

    Loser's Melee
    Chompalot Vs Kronic Vs Dantomkia Vs Velocirippa Vs Ewe 2

    Terrorhurtz Vs Ripper
    Mute Vs Big Nipper
    Ewe 2 Vs Storm 2

    Loser's Melee
    Ripper Vs Mute Vs Storm 2

    Terrorhurtz Vs Ewe 2
    Big Nipper Vs Mute

    3rd Place Playoff
    Ewe 2 Vs Big Nipper

    Terrorhurtz Vs Mute

    2004 Heavyweight Championship Winner: Terrorhurtz
    Second Place: Mute
    Third Place: Big Nipper