• Wheely Big Cheese

      Weight: 100kg
      Height: 40cm
      Length: 100cm
      Width: 80cm
      Speed: 12mph
      Year built: 2000
      Status: Active
      Weight class: Heavyweight
      Location: Barnet, London, England

      2 x 24v Electric motors, one powering each of its big red wheels.
      Big massive titanium flipper that can hoist 800kg
      Has a very powerful flipper and the ability to run either-way up
      Vulnerable wheels
      Team Hydra
      Andy Steels and Luke Steels
      Wheely Big Cheese is a heavyweight robot that was originally built by Roger Plant from Langport, Somerset. It was the 3rd heavyweight he built which was built to be the successor to The Big Cheese which was beaten in the heat final of the British 3rd Series of Robot Wars by Chaos 2. Wheely Big Cheese has a very powerful flipper and was also one of the most iconic ones seen on the show, it is powerful enough to hoist 800kg and was famous also for throwing Axe Awe a fair distance in the air and out the arena. In 2008, Roger Plant decided to sell all his robots when he retired from the sport and it was sold to Team Hydra (At the time, Team Cylon) who are currently trying to get it running again.

      • Robot Wars - UK Series 4 Semi-Finalist (2000)
      • Robot Wars Extreme 1 - All-Stars Tournament Quarter-Finalist (2001)
      • Robot Wars - UK Series 5 Semi-Finalist (2001)