• Velocirippa

      Weight: 100kg
      Height: 80cm
      Length: 100cm
      Width: 60cm
      Speed: 15mph
      Year built: 2002
      Status: Retired
      Weight class: Heavyweight
      Location: Clifton, Nottingham, England

      Shell made up of Carbon fibre and Kevlar.
      2 x Electric motors powered by 800 watts running its two-wheel drive.
      Pneumatically powered front flipper.
      Has self-righting capabilities.
      Exposed drive wheels.
      Team Mouse
      Trevor Wright, Pat Wright and Ernie Wright.
      Velocirippa was a heavyweight robot built by Trevor Wright from Nottingham. It was Team Mouse's first ever robot built for their army. The first version of Velocirippa was built for the Series 3 UK Robot Wars Soccer special where it reached the final losing to Evil Weevil. After losing in the heats of Series 4 and 5, Velocirippa was built in 2002 to the spec it was in before it retired. Again it hasn't enjoyed much success in UK Competitions apart from qualifying for the finals in the 2004 UK Championships where it lost the first round to Storm 2 but it did win the 2006 Tag-team Championships paired with Merlin. In 2008, Velocirippa was retired, the shell was cut up but the chassis was used for Trevor's other creation Meggamouse which still competes today.

      • Robot Wars - UK Series 3, Robotic Soccer Finalist (1999)
      • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2004 Finalist (Roaming Robots Winter Tour)
      • Fighting Robots Tag Team 2006 Champions with Merlin