Weight: 100kg
      Height: 35cm
      Length: 120cm
      Width: 100cm
      Speed: Unknown
      Year built: 2003
      Status: Active
      Weight class: Heavyweight
      Location: Whitwick, Leicestershire, England

      Shell made of 8mm Aluminium.
      2 x Bosch motors running on 750 watts powering its 2-wheel drive.
      Front-hinge flipper powered by low-pressure pneumatics.
      Has thick armour and a long-lasting weapon.
      Exposed wheels.
      Team MAD
      Alan Young, Dave Young, Mike Young and Anne Young
      UFO was originally built by two different Welsh teams. The first version was built by Peter Withers and Nic Browning which lost the first round of its heat in the Sixth series of the UK Robot Wars. The second version (the current version) was built by Mark & Belinda Hammilton. UFO reached the second of its heat in the Seventh series of Robot Wars where it lost to Judge Shred 3 due to the robot being flipped and being stuck on its side. After Robot Wars, UFO was renamed and repainted to Taurus for live events. After a while, Mark and Belinda decided to retire from robot events and sold Taurus to Team MAD. Team MAD helped UFO under the name of Taurus reach the finals of the 2005 UK Championships where it lost the first round to the teams very own Merlin. In 2006, Taurus was reverted back to UFO by Team MAD due to the robot having appeared on TV where it was seeded 10th for the UK Championships 2006 and also reached the 2006 Winter Tour finals.

      (As Taurus)
      • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2005 Finalist (Roaming Robots Winter Tour)
      (As UFO)
      • Roaming Robots Winter Tour 2006 Finalist
      • Robots Live! - 3rd in Team Championships 2011 with Team Saints & Sinners