Weight: 100kg
      Height: 35cm
      Length: 120cm
      Width: 120cm
      Speed: 8mph
      Year built: 2003
      Status: Retired
      Weight class: Heavyweight
      Location: Lancing, West Sussex, England

      Steel and Aluminium
      3 x Electric motors powering its 2-wheel drive and weapon.
      2.5kg Steel cutting disc.
      Can run either way up and has a powerful disc.
      Vulnerable to axe attacks.
      Team M.I.B.O.
      Mark Stringer, Peter Loeber & Chris Loeber
      U.R.O. (which stands for Unidentified Rotating Object) was built by Team M.I.B.O. (Men In Black Overalls) from West Sussex. It was built in 2003 for UK Seventh Series of Robot Wars where it fell in the first round to seeded Bigger Brother and the eventual champion Typhoon 2. U.R.O. was designed to run either-way up and also have a full-body spinner making it a destructive natured robot.
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