• Typhoon

    Weight: 90kg
    Height: 60cm
    Length: 82cm
    Width: 82cm
    Speed: 18mph
    Year built: 2002
    Status: Retired
    Weight class: Heavyweight
    Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

    Aircraft-grade Titanium
    Petrol driven engine, 4-wheel drive has 4 motors split into two each so that if robot becomes immobilised on one side, it can continue fighting.
    Cone-shaped full-body spinner with 4 attached hardox teeth. Weapon can spin up to speeds over 100mph and wreck havoc to whatever comes near.
    Is really compact, destructive and has strong armour.
    Has no self-righting mechanism.
    Team Typhoon
    F.O. Peter Bennett, Cpl Gary Cairns and Sgt Graeme Horne
    Typhoon 2 is a Scottish heavyweight robot built by Team Typhoon from Edinburgh, it was the first heavyweight built by the Edinburgh Air Cadets after the success they had in the Middleweight competitions with their robot Typhoon. Typhoon 2 like the rest of the robots in the teams family keeps the same design - a rotating 4-wheel driven cone-shaped robot with a heavy steel outer ring painted in the RAF crest with 4 hammer cutters on the sides. Typhoon 2 first debuted in the second series of Robot Wars Extreme where it fell in the first round of the annihilator competition but won the UK Seventh Series smashing the arena walls twice on the way so badly that the fights had to be stopped and restarted. It won a very close grand-final against a good robot in the form of Storm 2. Typhoon 2 has also travelled abroad to the RoboGames event in San Francisco in 2005 where it beat Megabyte on the way to the Grand-final where it was meant to fight Sewer Snake, but due to a lot of damage being taken from Megabyte, couldn't carry on and just took Silver medal anyway. Typhoon 2 is now retired but the Air Cadets still do educational events for younger people.

    • Robot Wars - UK Series 7 Champion (2003)
    • RoboGames - San Francisco 2005 Silver Medalist