• Twister

      Weight: 99kg
      Height: 30cm
      Length: 73cm
      Width: 114cm
      Speed: Unknown
      Year built: 2003
      Status: Active
      Weight class: Heavyweight
      Location: Delft, The Netherlands

      Welded steel and Aluminium.
      24v Electric motor powering its 8-wheel drive
      Spinning triangle in the central part of the machine.
      Is Invertible and has a weapon with destructive potential.
      Armour isn't the most resilient against heavy blows.
      Team Hammerhead
      Niels de Carpenter
      Twister is a Dutch heavyweight robot that was originally built by Sjaak Konnig from Booschenhoofd. The first version was built for the Second series of the Dutch Robot Wars where it reached the grand-final after receiving a Wild card on the way losing to Philliper 2 in the Grand-final. Twister was rebuilt again for Robot Wars UK Series 7 where despite causing a lot of damage to Ceros in the qualifiers, lost the first round on a judges decision to Pussycat and Roobarb. After Robot Wars ended, Twister was sold to Niels de Carpenter from Team Hammerhead who entered it into the 2006 UK Championships where it fell in the group stages. Twister is armed with a very powerful spinning triangular weapon that can spin fast and cause the damage of a tornado.