• Turbulence

      Weight: 98kg
      Height: 40cm
      Length: 103cm
      Width: 77cm
      Speed: 20mph
      Year built: 2004
      Status: Active
      Weight class: Heavyweight
      Location: Coleshill, Birmingham, England

      Shell made up of Hardox & Titanium
      2 x Bosch motors running on 750 watts. One powering each of its wheels.
      Big gold flipper powered by low-pressure CO2
      Is very fast, strong, manoeuvrable and armed with an effective weapon.
      Weapon is so powerful, it can often cause the robot to flip itself over.
      Team Asgard
      Ed Wallace
      Turbulence is a heavyweight robot that was built originally by both Ed Wallace and Dave Moulds from Birmingham. It was first built in 2004 where from there on it has done really well in live events as it has proved time again flipping a lot of robots out of the arena. Turbulence also won the 2006 UK Championships which were held at Wicksteed Park in Kettering. Turbulence is well known by robot fans for its sleek shape and powerful weapon which doesn't just make it look good, it has also made it a force to be reckoned with in the arena.

      • Fighting Robots UK Champion 2006
      • Roaming Robots Winter Tour 2006 Quarter-Finalist
      • 3rd in Robot Rumble 2006 (Godmanchester)
      • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2007 Quarter-Finalist
      • Robots Live! - Leicester 2008 Runner-Up
      • Robots Live! - 3rd in Team Championships 2012 with Team Barbie