• Arnold Arnold Terminegger

      * Weight: 99kg
      * Height: 67cm
      * Length: 71cm
      * Width: 171cm
      * Speed: 8mph
      * Year built: 2000
      * Status: Retired
      * Weight class: Heavyweight
      * Location: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England

      Body made from a cold water storage tank.
      2 x 24v Electric motors powering its 2-wheel drive.
      Electric Lifting arm powered by a winch motor that can lift 100kg, Also has a large overhead spike that can swing at 360.
      Has got good self-righting ability and poses a threat with its dual weaponry.
      Robot can be easily toppled.
      Team EyeEye
      Ian Inglis, Steff Inglis, William Inglis and Holly Inglis
      Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was a heavyweight robot that was built by the Inglis family from Buckinghamshire. It was built originally in 2000 for the UK Fourth Series of Robot Wars where it reached the second round of its heat losing out to X-Terminator. It was rebuilt with the axe being added to it for Robot Wars Extreme the next year where it won its Mayhem battle allowing it to qualify for the Annihilator where it placed as runner-up to Pussycat when it was viewed as an underdog out of all the 6 robots in the competition. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger was armed with a powerful lifter supplemented by a nasty axe which could land nasty hits on its opposition.

      *Robot Wars Extreme 1 - Annihilator Runner-up (2001)
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