• Rules and Safety

      The FRA publishes a comprehensive set of documents for Roboteers and Event organisers to ensure safe, fair and enjoyable competition for everyone.

      Documents for Roboteers

      Build Rules - The cardinal rules for building Fighting Robots.
      Code of Conduct - The professional standards required by the FRA as a condition of membership.
      Competition Regulations - Rules for running and judging FRA competition.
      EMI Guidelines - Electro-Magnetic Interference in Robots and how to deal with it

      Documents for Event Organisers

      Technical Check Sheet - Technical Safety Checks required for competitors at all events.
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      FightFest FRA UK Championship 2024

      Big News! We are beyond excited to announce that FightFest is teaming up with the Fighting Robot Association to bring you the FightFest FRA UK Championship

      HereticBlue 1st June 2024, 19:06 Go to last post