• Rules and Safety

    The FRA publishes a comprehensive set of documents for Roboteers and Event organisers to ensure safe, fair and enjoyable competition for everyone.

    Documents for Roboteers

    Build Rules - The cardinal rules for building Fighting Robots.
    Code of Conduct - The professional standards required by the FRA as a condition of membership.
    Competition Regulations - Rules for running and judging FRA competition.
    EMI Guidelines - Electro-Magnetic Interference in Robots and how to deal with it

    Documents for Event Organisers

    Technical Check Sheet - Technical Safety Checks required for competitors at all events.
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    Project fear

    Looks good though I wonder if the armour will be sufficient? Time will tell I guess.

    Ocracoke Yesterday, 23:52 Go to last post
    sean retro

    Project fear

    Reminds me of My First Bot back in Arenas of Destuction.

    sean retro Yesterday, 21:11 Go to last post
    team death

    Project fear

    Project Fear....My latest featherweight Robot is nearly ready for combat and will make it's debut at Robodojo with Piece de Resistance and Danger UXB

    team death Yesterday, 18:04 Go to last post

    Team Pushover: Build Log

    Thanks Lucy, that slightly refined what was already in my head, I couldn’t work out how I was going to limit the travel, was weighing up limit switches

    Retroman 19th September 2019, 21:33 Go to last post

    Team Kaizen Build Diary

    I've got the driving sorted but the Scythe... nah. Now that BotFest 3 is out of the way and people have gawked at the... brokenness of it... the robot

    Ocracoke 19th September 2019, 21:17 Go to last post

    Team Pushover: Build Log

    If it is anything like my mechanisms, I'd put a couple of pins in the gearbox housing and a connecting rod to the flipper arm to make it move. The pins

    Ocracoke 19th September 2019, 21:04 Go to last post

    Team Pushover: Build Log

    I wish there was some aid... it’s turned into a freak show where I need 3 thumbs, 6 fingers, the planets to align and to hold your tongue *just right*,

    Retroman 19th September 2019, 20:34 Go to last post

    Pride Fighter / Team Hunt - Build Diaries

    Wow, loads of great stuff in this thread! The beetle looks like it's coming along really well and look forward to seeing the ant finished.

    McMullet 19th September 2019, 18:51 Go to last post