• Diotoir

    • Weight: 90kg
    • Height: 55cm
    • Length: 117cm
    • Speed: 104cm
    • Year built: 1999
    • Status: Retired
    • Weight class: Heavyweight
    • Location: Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland

    Aluminium and polycarbonate with fun red and black spotty fur covering.
    2 x 36v motors powering its 2-wheel drive
    Spring-powered lifter and overhead crushing arm
    Low ground clearance
    Very flammable!
    Team Nemesis
    Pete Redmond, Dr Zulu and Joe Gavin
    Diotoir is an Irish robot that was built in Dublin in 1999, it was built as the successor to the teams previous robot Nemesis that lacked any real good weaponry. Diotoir is a very fun robot amongst fans because it is armoured in fur which everyone delights in seeing it getting burned. Despite this, Diotoir has done well in Robot Wars reaching the semi-finals of the First World Championship, the final of the Celebrity special under the driving of Vic Reeves and also winning the Tag Team with Pussycat in Robot Wars Extreme. The Team are also notorious for their good sportsmanship which has won them their award in two series. The team were also well known for their gags they did in Robot Wars like entering a battle with a kebab attached ready for roasting and also kidnapping Craig Charles son Jack and tying him to a table leg! Diotoir nowadays is retired, but occasionally makes appearances as a display robot at events and driver Pete Redmond hosts the Robots of Destruction events in Ireland.

    • Robot Wars - UK Series 3, Winner of Best Sportsmanship Award (1999)
    • Robot Wars First World Championships Semi-Finalist (1999)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, Winner of Best Sportsmanship Award (2000)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, Equal Fifth with Bigger Brother in Pinball Competition (2000)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, 16th in Sumo Basho Competition (2000)
    • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, Runner-up in the Celebrity Special (Driven by Vic Reeves) (2002)
    • Robot Wars Extreme 1 - Tag Team Terror Champions (with Pussycat as Sub for Mega Morg) (2001)
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