• Corkscrew

    � Weight: 99kg
    � Height: 65cm
    � Length: 88cm
    � Width: 88cm
    � Speed: 20mph
    � Year built: 2002
    � Status: Retired
    � Weight class: Heavyweight
    � Location: Selkirk, Borders of Scotland
    Shell is made from a lorry wheel hub.
    3 x Electric motors controlling its 4-wheel drive that works on tank steering.
    Revolving body with 3 pairs of blades. Body revolves at 1000rpm. Each set of blades is designed for whatever weapon gets in the robots way.
    Weaponry is extremely potent.
    Is difficult to control at its top speed.
    Team Corkscrew
    John Heatlie, Lewis Heatlie & Laurence Heatlie.
    Corkscrew is a Scottish robot which was built in 2001 for Series 5 of Robot Wars where it made its Heat final losing to Dominator 2, it was later modified for the next year. Corkscrew's weapon consisting of "a revolving body with 6 blades" has proved to be a force to be reckoned with as it has managed to cause damage to robots like Panic Attack, Kronic 2, 13 Black and Bondi Titch. Team captain John Heatlie built the robot when he promised his sons he'd build a robot if they raised money by washing cars which they did, and they are also known for wearing kilts as their team uniform.

    • Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Commonwealth Carnage Semi-Finalist (2002)