• Cabrakan

    � Weight: 99kg
    � Height: Unknown
    � Length: Unknown
    � Width: Unknown
    � Speed: 9mph
    � Year built: 2009
    � Status: Retired
    � Weight class: Heavyweight
    � Location: Carterton, Oxfordshire, England

    Steel and HDPE
    Its 2 wheel drive is powered by 2 x wheelchair motors. Also runs on Hawker batteries.
    Static chisel used for shunting or to inflict damage when ramming.
    Weapon is hard to effect other robots unless incapacitated.
    Team Hell
    David Weston
    Cabrakan was originally built as a joint team project between Dave Lawrie from Team Die Gracefully Robotics, Marco Branco from Team Godzilla and David Weston from Team Hell. It was built in 2009 for the UK Championships where it won its first round at Barnsley but didn't unfortunately win enough points to go through to the finals. However it was a favourite amongst other people as it was viewed as a simple robot or underdog, not like all the flipper robots which are around today. It won Best Promising Newcomer award at the end of the year as well when by that time, the rights to Cabrakan were handed to Dave Weston. The first model of Cabrakan was retired then to make way for the second model of Cabrakan that fought in 2010.

    • Roaming Robots - Winner of Best Promising Newcomer Award 2009
    • Roaming Robots - Winner of Best Helping Hand Award 2009