• Axe-Awe

      � Weight: 99kg
      � Height: 112cm
      � Length: 90cm
      � Width: 67cm
      � Speed: 8mph
      � Year built: 2001
      � Status: Retired
      � Weight class: Heavyweight
      � Location: Norwich, Norfolk, England

      Fibreglass bodyshell with polycarbonate rear panel and base panel.
      2 x 24v Electric Motors
      CO2 Powered axe which can act as a srimech. Axe is supplemented by a front flipper.
      It's dual weaponry is an advantage, the axe is also very powerful.
      Bodyshell is very light and CO2 supply is also limited.
      Team Iron-Awe
      Rob Grimm & Gillbert Grimm
      Axe Awe is Team Iron-Awes second entry into Robot Wars and was built for the year 2001 where it was involved one of the most famous battles against Wheely Big Cheese as it was thrown 15 feet in the air and out the arena after getting flipped from the centre of the arena. The axe was capable of going through most materials and could self-right the robot in style. Nowadays Axe-Awe is retired but it can be seen on display at live events.
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