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Thread: Robot Wars US Episodes

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    Theres a whole bunch of Robot Wars episodes from the US series being uploaded on Youtube.

    Theres all of Season 1 and a few season 2 videos as well. Check em out.

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    What I like about the US series.
    -The guy who announces the robots as they come out. He sounds much more enthusiastic than the UK one.
    -The Comedy entrants actually do well.
    -Id say many of the robots are more unique than the British ones.
    -The House Robot Rebellion.

    What I dont like about the US series.
    -I guess this only applies to the first one, but I hated the Everyone sucks but us attitude everyone seemed to have.
    -Rebecca Grant. Enough said. Especially if you look at the War of Independence.
    -Way too many breakdowns.
    -Also way too many fodder robots.
    -And ultimately, it feels inferior to the British series by a long shot.

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    has anyone noticed how many RW: Extreme Warriors entries appeared in Battlebotsunder different names or with different machines?

    These are some I've noticed (some are obvious, others less so :P)

    Phrizbee = Revolutionist (also Team LOGICOM entered Spin Doctor in series 2)
    Kritical Mass II = Manta
    The Bat = Patrick Campbell also built FrenZy. haven't seen The Bat so don't know if they were the same machine.
    Speed Bump (lightweight) = Buzz without the weapons
    Juggerbot (superheavyweight) = Tricerabot 3.0
    Wrath (they also entered Wrath Jr in lightweights @ battlebots) = Panzer MK.4
    Sublime = Unibite/Unibite 2.0 (not the same robot, just the same team)
    Agitator/PyRAMidroid = Propeller-Head
    Dreadbot = Drill Zilla
    Nasty Overbite = General Chompsalot
    Spaz/Scrub/other robots built by Mike Regan = he also built The Brute
    License to Kill = Darkness (same team... doubt it was the same robot, haven't seen enough of either to know really)

    anyone know any others?

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    also Basenji (RWEW) competed as middleweight Chipper Monkey in BB

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